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Hen Party Traditions To Embrace

They say that every little girl dreams of her future wedding day, and while we know that’s true a lot of the time (who can forget imagining finding their fairytale ending and getting to wear a beautiful dress?) we grew up a long time ago. And while the thought of that perfect wedding is pretty enchanting, we are equally as excited for another traditional event for any blushing bride – the hen party!

Hen parties have gotten something of a bad reputation over the past few years. We have all seen Bridesmaids and can imagine why. If you haven’t seen it, do! It’s essential watching for those planning a hen! Often hen parties involve blending friend groups with mixed success and are sometimes a bit too expensive for those paying to attend.

However, there are some hen party traditions we should not be so quick to let go of. These traditions can be fun and essential bonding experiences for your bride squad – let’s get inspired to have the best hen party ever!

Keep it girly

Listen, we are all for diversifying your tribe when it comes to friendship groups. And of course, you should invite your best male friend to your hen party – that’s just good sense for keeping it fun. If you have a mix of men and women among your closest confidantes, they should be part of the action regardless of gender.

What we love less is the idea of having one combined stag and hen party. After all, the whole point is that you can have your “last night of freedom” – and not have to share the spotlight with your intended, whether you’re knocking back shots or sitting down for high tea at a spa.

Keep it local

Of course, we love the idea of getting on a plane and jetting off to somewhere with some gorgeous sun, sea, and sangria – but that is not the point of a hen party. Keeping it local means that you can keep the cost down, and it gels with the idea of enjoying those classic hen party traditions.

We are not suggesting that you have a couple of glasses of cheap white wine down the local pub before heading out to the club you all went to as teenagers. But something as simple as hiring a cottage in a convenient, UK-based location can be a lot cheaper and less stressful than checking everyone has their passports fifty thousand times.

Theme your night

We know the whole rude balloons and Bride To Be sashes aren’t for everyone (though if they are, go for it!), but theming your night, or main night out if it’s a weekend event, is a way to make sure everyone gets involved in the fun. You could even tie the hen party theme into the theme of the wedding itself! But if you’re not too bothered about it all fitting together, something as simple as asking everyone to wear one colour, or an outfit that symbolises something the bride loves, is still a good idea. It’s a fun and easy way to make it feel less like another night out, and more like an event.

Play some games

Who doesn’t love a good game? This fun hen party tradition is sure to liven up your evening, and bring some nice variation to the experience. There are lots of games to choose from – from drunk jenga, most embarrassing memory, to “the After Eight challenge”. Whichever one you choose, they’ll make a perfect accompaniment to your group prosecco sessions.

It’s been a tough time for all of us, and it may not be possible to have the hen party of your dreams in the current circumstances. But brighter days are on the horizon – and hopefully by incorporating some of the above traditions you’ll still have a great time to remember. But you also shouldn’t put too much pressure on it – remember, this is all about the future Mrs! So make sure that whatever you do reflects what she loves in the run-up to her big day.