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What To Wear To A Hens Night in Winter

What To Wear To A Hens Night in Winter

Many a hen have asked the question, what to wear to a hens night in winter?

If you’re planning a hen party for winter, choosing a theme based on the fashion trends is always a great idea.

Firstly it means most people will have something apt in their wardrobe for it and secondly, it just makes for a really cool and stylish hen party celebration.

We have browsed some of our favourite online stores for winter hen party style ideas and trends that will work for the coolest hen party celebration.

Take a browse and be inspired!

Black Hen Party Theme

Black is ALWAYS a safe bet. This is the dress code you choose if you’re being a nice bridesmaid and hen party planner. You’re guaranteed that the hen party guests will have something appropriate in their wardrobe. And if they have to buy something new, they won’t mind as black is always a wardrobe staple. It does look great and sophisticated in the hen party photos and if you want to ensure the tone of the hen party is a classy and fabulous one, this is a safe bet. The bride can then wear any colour she likes. You can do the black and white theme or she can wear a totally different colour. If you want to add a little more personality to the hen party theme, you can make it Black and Bling or a classic Audrey Hepburn themed hen party.







































Red Hen Party Theme

We have spotted a lot of little red dresses across our favourite online stores which has inspired the little red dress hen party theme idea. If the bride is a red dress fan, this is something to consider. It is a little louder but it’s different and there are some really fab red dresses out there at the moment. We also think this will look gorgeous and festive for a Christmas themed hen party.

























Pink Hen Party Theme

With millennial pink being a hot trend for 2017, how could we not include some gorgeous pink hen party theme inspiration here! Getting the right shade of pink for the squad can be tricky. If you choose a pink hen party theme, send the ladies a mood board with some colour and fashion ideas so they can see what they have in their wardrobe. We’re not usually pink ladies here but we are loving these pink hues which will make a gorgeous hen party. The photos will be amazing and it’s a nice way to add some colour to you an autumn or winter hen celebration.









































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