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The Mr and Mrs Quiz is essential playing at a hen party! This involves putting a bunch of Mr and Mrs Questions together which are a mix of naughty and nice questions on the couple. Let’s see how well they really know each other! These questions are asked to the groom before the hen do celebrations and then the bride is put on the spot at the hen weekend in front of all her friends. There are different ways to play the Mr and Mrs Quiz and the Mr and Mrs Questions you ask can vary depending on the type of hen party it is.

50 Mr & Mrs Questions for the Hen Party Mr and Mrs Quiz

50 best mr mrs questions

The Mr and Mrs quiz is essential for any hen party and is our #1 recommendation for all hen celebrations. Why do we love it so much? These Mr and Mrs Questions uncover interesting facts and secrets about the bride and her groom. = Guaranteed LOLs for any hen group. Read on for 50 Mr […]

Alternative Mr and Mrs Questions: The Paddle Game

alternative mr and mrs questions

If you’re looking for alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game is an alternative spin on the standard Mr and Mrs Quiz game. Whilst it is always a great idea to capture the groom answering the questions on camera, we understand that this isn’t always possible in advance of the hen party. This alternative […]

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

We have listened to your feedback and know that everyone is always on the hunt for alternative and funny Mr and Mrs Questions. The Mr & Mrs quiz is a hen party staple and even though it has been played for years, we still have it as a must for any hen do celebration. We […]