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Kitchen Hen Party and Games

Our fabulous blogger Noelle tells us exactly what a Kitchen Party is and why it’s the perfect alternative hen party celebration for friends and family of all ages!

As the eldest girl in our family when I got married a couple of years ago I was breaking new ground in hen planning. Neither my mother nor I were big fans of the multi-generational hen so I was keen to come up with a suitable way of celebrating with the ladies of our family. And so the Kitchen Hen idea was born (or reincarnated as my mother tells tales of kitchen hens being used as a get together to prepare girls for married life and gift them with things to use in their domestic chores).

While we haven’t focused heavily on the preparation of the marital kitchen aspect of things this party has become a much loved event for all brides to be in our family, as eagerly anticipated as the conventional hen party and a firm favourite in the wedding prep calendar.


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The format is simple, gather all ladies young and old, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, female in laws to be, neighbours and sometimes a close friend or two for a bite to eat and a bit of a fun in the brides mother’s kitchen. Add a playlist spanning the decades and a few nice bottles of wine and you have all the ingredients for a really good night.

It has become apparent over the last few years and in the many different versions of this night that our mothers and aunts are well able for a bit of boldness and boisterous good fun. If anything being behind closed doors in the comfort of home adds to this atmosphere. It can also be an emotional night as the bride to be is gifted with a pair of first shoes or a childhood favourite toy and stories are told of our escapades as kids.

It’s always been an informal night of sitting around the table chatting and catching up but it can be good to have a game or two on hand to get people into the spirit of things. Some games that are ever popular:

Toilet Roll wedding attire

Split the group into teams to design a wedding dress made of toilet roll. This is very popular with our aunts who take to it as though it was an Olympic event.

Pass the parcel

Wrap some funny gifts and get everyone to take turns throwing a dice. If you roll a 1 or 6 you get a prize. Roll a 5 and you can steal someone else’s prize and a 3 earns you a forfeit.  A childhood favourite with an adult twist.

Presents to prepare for married life

Everyone brings a small token, either funny or sentimental to send the bride on her way.  This has been both hilarious and tearful on occasion and the bride goes home with a bag of trinkets to remember the night by.


There are few things funnier in life than getting stuck into a photobooth with your aunts and mother in law. Lifelong funny memories are born there! All it takes are a few fancy dress props, an old picture frame and a camera.


The night has become for us a lovely way of reminiscing over our childhood and getting the whole family excited for the wedding and allows for the bride’s mother in law and sisters in law to get to know her family in a relaxed atmosphere.  I wholeheartedly recommend establishing it as a family tradition, and lets face it, it’s nice to cram in another reason to get together for a party in the run up to the day itself.


Noelle x



What do you think ladies? Have either of your thrown a kitchen party for a hen do or bridal celebration?


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