Let the hen party planning commence! If you’re looking at this page you are either preparing to wow then hen squad with your skills and plan the best hen party weekend ever. OR you are having a last minute bridesmaid panic and trying to pull some sort of a hen do weekend together. Never fear lovely, we are here to help. A few clicks and browsing through some of our hen party pages will have your sorted in no time. If you’re looking for different, fun, modern and cool  hen party ideas for your bride to be we have been rocking at this hen party thing since 2012 and have them all. Whether you are dealing with a Bridechilla or a Bridezilla, you’ve come to the right place! Our website has endless hen do ideas to provide you with inspiration for the big bash. We like to keep it fresh and  fashion inspired. We have pulled up some tips on browsing the site for the ultimate hen party ideas and planning tips below.

Planning a hen party for the first time

If you’re planning a hen do for the first time, don’t panic. It’s all about the plan. Here is how you plan the most amazing hen party weekend in 8 simple steps. It’s easy peasy really. Get ready to wow them with your skills girl!

Hen Party Location

Choosing a hen party location will be driven by both the bride and the budget. Your bride will either tell you everything she wants for the hen party weekend, be happy to be completely surprised, or give you some high level details of what she wants and doesn’t want. If your bride is a bit of a bridezilla, let her be that way. But do also ensure to plan a few surprises for her along the way. Pretty much anywhere that you would like to go yourself is a hen party location. We would always advise people to steer clear of the typical hen party destinations if they want to avoid being one of 50 hen parties. That said it depends on the type of hen party weekend you are planning. We will have a post on our favourite locations for a hen party weekend soon.

Hen Party Activities

The hen party activities that you choose will all relate to the bride. Try suss it out with her before you start planning to see if she would like to do an activity. Some brides will have something in their head about this so try to get out of them what they have done before and what they would or wouldn’t like. Hen do activities range from dance classes to flower crown workshops to nude drawing to pampering. Check out our post HERE for a list of hen party activities to give you some henspiration.

Hen Party Games

OK, you might think the words naff and cheese when you think of hen party games. But listen to us carefully. Without hen party games, a hen weekend is kind of like just any weekend. It’s all about finding some ways to make the hen do fun and ensuring all the guests are pumping with hen party vibes. We have lots of games suggestions for you. Firstly read this on the TOP HEN PARTY GAMES to play. Then, take a browse of our blog for more hens party games ideas here.

Hen Party Accessories and Decorations

Ok, this is something we can totally help with. You cannot throw a hen party without a few decorations and accessories to bring the hen party fun to life. Whether is a few hen party accessories for the bride to be or full on hens party swag for all the team bride, we can totally help. Browse our online store here for ideas.

What else?

One last little tip is all about keeping the hen party personal. Remember, it’s about the bride to be so make it special for her. Little touches like a playlist with songs that take her back to her college days or a little gift or message from the groom. Get her makeup and hair done before the hen party celebrations and take lots of photos!

Browse through our blog for ideas for hen weekend destinations, creative party ideas, outdoors hen activities, unique and fun experiences and eating & entertainment and more. We have categorised our activities by hen do type which include fashion hen party, vintage hen do, tipsy hen night, foodie inspired hen party ideas, luxury hen party activities, crafty do party suppliers and more.

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