This is without a doubt, our FAVOURITE hen party game. We have played it a million times and love it. It’s a great game for making people laugh, breaking the ice and getting the hen do fun started. Ladies always feel under so much pressure when organising a hen night and trying to find the most unique or alternative hen party ideas. Sometimes however, you just need to keep it simple and go with what works. This game can sound incredibly tacky but the reality of it is wedding dress toilet paper couture at its finest. See if you can recreate Poppy Delevingne’s gorgeous Chanel wedding dress or Kate Middleton’s princess gown.


The traditional game – how it works

Break the group into teams. The number of teams will depend on the hen party size but each team will need a model and then you’ll need about 3 dress designers within the team.

Some people put the bride to be as the judge but we think it’s a good idea to involve her in the game more as a model.

Give the girls some design materials i.e. rolls and rolls of white toilet paper. Each team will need 3 rolls.

Some sticky tape will also be useful.

Give them 15 minutes to create their couture.

Each model will then strut her stuff in the dress whilst the designers talk through the thought process in their creation.

The judge selects a winner.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos and record it so you can watch it back and laugh after!



Make it unique

Celebrity Inspired
You can always put a unique spin on this game and give the hen party guests a challenge to make a celebrity inspired wedding dress (i.e. Poppy Delevigne’s amazing Chanel gown or the boho inspired dress she had in Morocco (a big challenge to make out of toilet paper!) Kate Middleton’s princess dress, Millie Mackintosh’s, Kate Moss’s or some more well known celebrity dresses).

Print out images on pieces of paper and get each team to pick a dress randomly. They have to create the dress without the other team knowing who’s dress it is. At the end, each team has to guess what dress the other team has created.

Other Materials
Toilet paper is the traditional material for this game as it’s perfect for the hen party budget. However you can also include other materials and make alternative wedding dresses.

Have you played this game? How did you get on? What is your advice for anyone playing this game?

Image credits: photo by Brandi Welles Photographer via Bridal Guide


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