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23 Classy Hen Party Gifts for the Bride

Classy Hen Party Gifts for the Bride

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your bride to be bestie? We’ve rounded up some ideas from Etsy for token gifts for the bride, be it for her hen party, wedding, honeymoon or just because. Browse through these 23 gorgeous gift ideas for the bride via Etsy for that perfect wedding or gift for the bride.

  1. Personalised Bracelet

A personalised bracelet for her wedding day. What’s not perfect about this?! Put her new initials on it if she’s changing her name. From Sweet Auburn Studio.

2. A Customised Leather or Denim Bride Jacket

Customised leather and denim jackets are an amazing surprise and gift to wear around the wedding celebrations. From the hen to the day after to the honeymoon! We love these ones from Wild Rose Shop NY. For a more subtle look, get the personalisation smaller around the collar.

3. A Wifey or Bride T-Shirt

A wifey or bride t-shirt is something novel and fun for the bride to wear either just at home or when she’s out with her new Mr in the newly wed stage. It’s fun to wear to mark your new status. These cool Trophy Wife and Engaged AF tops are super fun.

This honeymoon vibes is perfect for honeymoon strolls and brunches! Also available from Crafty Gem Store.

4. Wrap it up

Presentation is everything! Present your gift to the bride in style in a pretty box like this from Fred and Bo.

5. A Bride Candle

A candle is always a good idea. We love these subtle message candles from Nook.

6. An Engaged Mug

An engaged mug. For the all important I’m engaged, here’s my ring Instagram shot! Available here

7. Customised Wedding Sign

Customised signs can be terribly cheesy. Or, they can look super cool just like this one. This customised sign is an apt surprise for the interior loving bride. Available here.

8. Mrs Necklace

This Mrs necklace is another stylish jewellery option for the bride. Perfect to wear the day after the wedding and over her honeymoon. We spotted this on Project Dahlia on Etsy. They have tonnes more gorgeous jewellery options available for gifts or as a treat to yourself!

9. A Bride Tote Bag

A bride tote is always a cute token gift for the bride. It’s not something she’ll buy herself and it’s not as if she’ll use it on a daily basis after her wedding. However it’s great for carrying bits around in advance or on the day. Also great to take home any surprises or excess from the hen party celebrations or the wedding. We like this one for it simple style and cool font. Spotted on Fun Fashion Shirts.

10. A customised Bride sun hat

A custom hat is another cute token gift. Put her new name on it or have it customised with something she can wear again and again. This hat is available via Summer Sequins.

11. Pretty Honeymoon Underwear

Honeymoon essentials! Spoil the bride with some pretty underwear for her honeymoon and newly wed fun. Just be careful to get her size right! This set from Blossom Body is beautiful.


12. Bridal Party Robes

Robes for the bridal party on the morning of the wedding are a nice gift. Best to run it by the bride before hand however just in case she has picked up some or has styles and colours in mind. These pastel shades are lovely with the white bride robes. These are available via Three Two 1 on Etsy.

13. Necklace Ring Holder

This necklace acts as a holder for rings. It’s a great gift to give anyone. Perfect for a bride on her wedding day if she’d like to wear a special ring around her neck. Available from TM Box.

14. A Wedding Date Sign

Next on our list of 23 Gorgeous Gift Ideas for the bride! Another one for the interior lover! Put the wedding dates in roman numerals on this cool and trendy print. Available via Bee Happy Art.

15. Personalised Underwear

Personalised bridal panties or knickers are a thoughtful gift for the bridal shower, hen party or wedding. They’re a nice keepsake to have from the celebrations. We like these pretty lace panties.

16. Wedding Planner

This marble and rose gold wedding planner is gorgeous! The perfect gift for the newly engaged bride to start planning her dream wedding. This is available from Blush and Gold Invites.

17. A pretty tea cup set

What is not to love about these beauties. The Yvonne Ellen tea cup range is the dreamiest. If you decide that this set is too cute for the couple, be sure to check out her Gin, Prosecco, Wine, Run and Champagne tea cups. Seriously amazing and a gift loved by all. Check them out here.


18. Bride Ring Box

Get the bride a gorgeous ring box to keep her precious ring in. These are stunning and also perfect for those wedding morning photos. Available in a pretty pink or mint green colour.


19. A Fun Honeymoon Towel

Get the bride a fun honeymoon accessory like a personalised towel. There are lots of options and colours available to suit your bride. More details here.


20. A Fun Honeymoon Bag

Get the bride a fun honeymoon accessory like a personalised bag. This is the perfect stylish accessory for the beach! More details here.


21. A Personalised Passport Cover and Travel Label

This personalised passport cover and travel tag are essential for every bride to be! More details here.

bride sunglasses hen party accessories

22. Fun Bride Sunglasses

Do these sunglasses make me look like the bride?! Whether it’s for her hen weekend or the wedding celebrations, these sunglasses are super fun and look amazing in photos. More details here.

bridechilla sweatshirt hen party gift ideas bride

23. Bridechilla Sweater

We couldn’t not include this in a  feature on 23 Gorgeous Gift Ideas for the Bride! This Bridechilla top is a perfect cosy sweatshirt for the bride to wear when she needs a time out from the wedding planning stress. Team it with our Bridechilla Candle for a gorgeous gift for the bride. More details here.


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