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Bra Pong – How To Play & What You’ll Need

Bra Pong

If you like an easy DIY challenge, Bra Pong is a fun addition to the hen party games list. What is bra pong you ask? Well, you basically stick a few bras to a large board and write numbers for points on them. The rules of bra pong are simple. The hen party guests then bounce a ping pong ball into one of the cups of the bra. Each bra represents different points. It’s up to you how you play this. You could see who wins overall and they get a prize or forfeit. You could also go down the beer or prosecco pong route and each player has to take a drink or pass it on it they score.

Bra Pong – What You’ll Need

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Here’s a few ideas to inspire your DIY party. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

Tri-Fold Project Display Board

tri fold presentation board We recommend something tri-fold, like these Assorted Coloured Tri folding Presentation Boards Alternatively, you can pop in somewhere more local to find a large piece of cardboard. Or if you have a cardboard box, you can spray paint it to match the colours of the hen do theme or the wedding theme.

Bras in Varying Sizes & Styles

6 bras in 4 different cup sizes and styles. It’s up to you how you want to mix these up. Here’s some bra-inpiration. bra pack for bra pong This is a 5 pack of lace bras for an extremely reasonable price and the buyer ratings are high so feel free to add these into hen party bags after. The ever popular sports bra could make up part of your bra pong board. Here’s a 5 pack of sports bras to make up your DIY brazier board. Also, if you want to add to the mixture pop out to Penny’s and Primark and pick out a nice mix of pastels or neutral and black bras. Also get a mix of strapless and bras with straps. You will need bras with push-up support so that they easily create a cup when glued to the board. Or use pin-tacks to ensure the straps stay up.

Ping Pong / Table Tennis Balls

ping pong balls Here’s a handy 50 pack of table tennis balls – we find these suit most hen parties. Alternatively, you can stick to white ping pong balls. It all depends on what hen party theme you’re going for.

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

To stick the bras on, you’ll need a strong glue. You can go to your local hardware store or B&Q to get this or a glue gun. glue gun for sticking You can also pick up a cheap, highly rated glue gun with some glue sticks. You’ll need nearly a stick per bra.

Decorating Your Bra Pong Board

Depending on your hen party theme and style, you can add more to the board with cut out letters, paint, markers etc. Prepare your board by laying out the bras to determine where they will look best. We recommend putting the D cups at the bottom, C and B cups in the middle and the A cup at the top. This also makes for a good point system with the highest points  for the A cup as they are smaller and harder to score.

Bra Pong Rules

You will also want to decide on your bra pong rules. We recommend printing these out and putting them in a frame next to the board. We have some rules below but you can choose how you want to play this game.

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