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5 Disney Hen Party Theme Ideas

5 Disney Hen Party Theme Ideas

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

After all, the whole point of a wedding is to achieve that perfect, happily ever after, right?

But, there’s a lot of build up to that fairytale dream, and you don’t have to wait until the big day to make the bride feel like a queen.

So, if you’re getting ideas together for the hens’ night out, you might want to consider a Disney hen party or at least a Disney themed hen party.

Here’s some of our themed ideas to get you going..

1. Disney Hen Party Venue Suggestions

If your budget is flush, then a trip to Disneyland could be on the cards for your bridal party.

Imagine this nostalgia on your hen do:

disney hen party do

With parks in Paris, California, Florida, Hong Kong and Tokyo, a Disney themed party could take you anywhere in the world.

If you’re more interested in taking to the sea than staying on land, there are now Disney themed cruises too. If your means are more limited, then with the right decoration and a touch of magic, near enough any venue can be turned into a disney princess dream.

2. Disney Outfit Ideas

This is where you can have a little DIY fun. Take a day out to shop for your perfect princess ensemble. Red and white polka dot dresses are perfect for Minnie Mouse. If you’re a little more feisty, Tinkerbell may be for you. Just keep an eye out for beautiful green dresses and use some fabric scissors to cut the hem into pointed triangles. For those more dedicated to fancy dress, adult Disney gowns are available online. Order a hooped petticoat and see your dress swing like Cinderella’s. Or if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you might take to making one from scratch. Here are some of our favorite themed outfits:

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The bride can be made up as the beautiful Snow White, while her seven favorite ladies choose the aptest dwarf for their personality.
  2. 101 Dalmatians. Make the bride center of attention in a decadent Cruella DeVille ensemble. The hens can paint their faces to look like adorable dalmatian pups.
  3. Wendy and the Lost Boys. Everybody loves Wendy Darling. Get your bride a cute blue frock and have the hens dress up in Lost Boy animal outfits.

3. Disney Themed Accessories

You don’t need to buy snapchat filters to look pretty as a disney princess. When it comes to thinking up Disney-themed accessories, the possibilities are endless. Try some customized sashes, personalized shot glasses, or hen party t-shirts with your names in Disney’s classic font.

Mickey Mouse ears are always a fun addition too.

Stylish Minnie Mouse Themed Veil

disney hen party themed veil

We’re absolutely in love with these Minnie Veils but they tend to fly off our shelves.

4. Cocktails That Would Please Walt Disney Himself

Why not try out making some Disney themed cocktails? Yellow pina colada for Belle, Black Vodka for Maleficent and Blue Curacoa for Ariel. If you fancy going all out, why not squirt some whipped cream on top of a white chocolate liqueur? Stick two Oreos on top to make some adorable Mickey Mouse-style ears.

Depending on your venue, play some games alongside the cocktails. 

5. Food for Thought

As Lumiere says in Beauty and the Beast, “Be our Guest”!

Put on a lovely spread for the beautiful bride-to-be. After all, you’re all going to be hungry at some point during the day. Finger food or a sit-down meal, there are various little touches to add some Disney magic to your dining experience.

Try out a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with cute cakes on quaint crockery.


6. BONUS IDEA: Disney Invites (Princess, Pixar, Simple)

If you’re a bridesmaid planning this, first impressions count. This is the first thing that the party will see.

disney theme invite

There are a few approaches for this. You could go Princess, Pixar or Simple.

Princess – One idea is big card clam shells (or even real shells with a scroll inside?) along with some pearls as a finishing touch. Send out to your disney princess with style.

Pixar – Toy Story, if we’re talking easy DIY hen, you could do some army dog tags for the green army soldiers and send the packs out as a “WE NEED YOU” motive. Or Finding Nemo, what about a toy clown fish that lives in a bag passing on instructions to the new owner.

Simple – Classic disney themed hen, think Lion King, Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan. We see a lot of successful fairy dust invites with scrolls. Push the happy, nostalgic, fairytale event vibes and set the hen off to a good start with low effort.

It’s a small thing but it’s important for the big weekend (or week?).

7. Summary

We hope that we’ve convinced you that a disney themed hen party is a great idea.

And we’re extremely jealous that you’re doing it.

Over to you, what else would make a disney hen party special?

Let us know if there’s anything we missed, questions or themed hen suggestions that you have.

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