10 Best Belfast Hen Weekend Party Ideas & Activities

belfast hen party

Hiya Hens! This week’s location has a special place in our hearts here at The Hen Planner! Belfast is one of our local “big cities” and we’re so excited to share some of the things it has to offer all you lovely Hens. Whether you’re a laid-back Hen, a glamorous Hen, an adventurous Hen (or […]

5 Best ‘Last Christmas As A Miss’ Gift Ideas

last christmas as a miss

Christmas is always a special time of the year. It’s a period of celebration and spending time with your loved ones, as well as indulging in a few too many mince pies and sweets. It can be an even more significant time if it’s your last Christmas a single gal. Our ‘Last Christmas as a […]

How Has 2020 Affected Your Hen Do?

hen study 2020

COVID-19 has changed a lot of our plans. Events have been postponed, weddings cancelled and holidays have had to be rescheduled. With government guidance and regulation changing every week, hen parties have been delayed, postponed or even cancelled because of the pandemic. We want to hear how 2020 has affected your Hen. Was it cancelled? […]

5 Best Wedding Guest Dress Ideas (For Inspiration)

weeding guest dress ideas

Choosing the right wedding guest outfit can be stressful. You need to pick something that works with the venue, is seasonally appropriate and matches the vibe of the wedding, while also trying to choose an outfit that matches your own personal style. To help you on your search, we have a list of six wedding […]

Bra Pong – How To Play & What You’ll Need

Bra Pong

If you like an easy DIY challenge, Bra Pong is a fun addition to the hen party games list. What is bra pong you ask? Well, you basically stick a few bras to a large board and write numbers for points on them. The rules of bra pong are simple. The hen party guests then bounce […]

7 Best Lisbon Hen Party Ideas

lisbon hen party ideas

Looking for the perfect and coolest location for your destination hen weekend? We’ve put together an epic lowdown on the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.  It’s the perfect spot for a long weekend in the sun. There are frequent flights with Ryanair and Aer Lingus that won’t break the bank. Also, Lisbon combines the best bits of […]

34 Best Hen Party Dares (& Free Dare Cards!)

Best Hen Party Dares

Hen Party Dares are a great way of bringing some serious fun and laughs to the hen party celebrations. They can be a great ice breaker for groups that don’t know each other. They can also work as a “pick me up” if there is a lull after too much food at dinner. Out of all […]

50 Mr & Mrs Questions for the Hen Party Mr and Mrs Quiz

mr and mrs quiz questions

The Mr and Mrs quiz is essential for any hen party and is our #1 recommendation for all hen celebrations. Why do we love it so much? These Mr and Mrs Questions uncover interesting facts and secrets about the bride and her groom. = Guaranteed LOLs for any hen group. Read on for 50 Mr […]

How to throw a virtual hen party

virtual hen party guide

Has the wedding for your bestie bride to be been cancelled? So much for that hen party you had been planning for ages! Fun and celebrations are still happening though and even though the amazing hen weekend you had planned can’t take place, here are some ways you can throw a virtual hen party to […]

Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions (The Paddle Round)

mr and mrs questions paddle round

If you’re looking for alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game is an alternative spin on the standard Mr and Mrs Quiz game. Whilst it is always a great idea to capture the groom answering the questions on camera, we understand that this isn’t always possible in advance of the hen party. This alternative […]

Hen Party Survival and Hangover Kits

hen party hangover survival kits

Hen party bags and hen party favours are by no means essential for a hen party but they do add a nice and personal touch. Hen party favours are little treats for the bride and hen party guests. They can be items to help everyone survive the hen party weekend (such as water, a mini […]

Lockdown hen party ideas… (thanks Corona)

Coronavirus Hen Party Ideas

To paraphrase Lenin, ‘There are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.’ These are extraordinary times and right now if feels like we’re living in an episode of Black Mirror. We’re not going to give any advice on what we should all be doing – we’ll leave that to the experts. […]

13 Edinburgh Hen Party Ideas

hen party ideas edinburgh

We asked our expert hen planners on Instagram for their recommendations for a stylish hen party weekend in Edinburgh. What’s come back is a mixture of gorgeous food options mixed with sightseeing, apt hen party activities and some great places to party. The 13 Edinburgh Hen Party Ideas below will give you all the inspiration […]

Lingerie Bachelorette Party Ideas: Guess The Lingerie

guess the lingerie game

Guess the Lingerie is also known as the panties game. It’s a popular game to play at a hen party or bridal shower and we really recommend it! It’s extremely apt and fun to play at a hen party. Essentially, each guest brings a piece of lingerie be it knickers, panties or something more alternative for […]

The Best Bottomless Brunch Hen Do Ideas

bottomless brunch hen party

Don’t we all love a delicious brunch? But there is one way to make it even better, yes you guessed it making it bottomless! Indulge in an afternoon filled with tasty food and free flowing fizz, a perfect way to relax and unwind with your hens, whether it’s to kick start the weekend or to […]

6 of Dublin’s Best Rooftop Bars

best dublin rooftop bars

Dublin has endless options when it comes to pubs, bars and clubs. There is definitely no shortage! That said, some occasions (like when you’re throwing the best hen party ever) require that EXTRA special venue and setting. There’s nothing quite like a rooftop setting with amazing bubbles, a long cocktail menu and the best views […]

36 Hen Party Bag Fillers and Favours

hen party bag fillers

Check out our curated list below for gorgeous ideas for your hen party or bachelorette party favours. Before we share our list, we just want to say that nobody expects hens party favours or goody bags. They’re totally something that bridesmaids put themselves under pressure to have for the hen do. If you do decide […]

13 Amazing Ireland & Dublin Hen Party Accommodation Ideas

amazing hen party houses in ireland

Originally, this post was strictly about Dublin hen party accommodation.  Then we did some research and expanded this to entire Emerald Isle (Ireland!) Turn your hen into the ultimate house party by renting out a gorgeous gaff for the weekend! Getting the bride tribe together in a big house creates a lovely chilled vibe and […]

What To Wear To A Hens Night in Winter

What To Wear To A Hens Night in Winter

Many a hen have asked the question, what to wear to a hens night in winter? If you’re planning a hen party for winter, choosing a theme based on the fashion trends is always a great idea. Firstly it means most people will have something apt in their wardrobe for it and secondly, it just […]

Top 4 Hen Night Cocktails To Serve at Your Hen Party

hen night cocktails

Whether having a night in or a few drinks before hitting the town you’re going to want to get the party started in style. There’s nothing like kicking off proceedings with a few cocktails to set the tone for a night of sophisticated fun. We’ve taken the work out of it with a how to […]

Dirty Pictionary: Naughty Hen Party Game

dirty pictionary game idea

Ooooooh, naughty naughty! Dirty Pictionary is a classic for any party. We usually steer clear of anything too naughty however we do sheepishly wave our hands as big fans of the dirty alphabet game after a few glasses of wine or cocktails. When we saw this hen party style pictionary, we had to share. It […]

Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Tired of the same old cocktail making and head melting karaoke sessions? Looking for something different for your hen party celebrations? We’ve already written about gorgeous hen party accessories, hen party ideas in Dublin and fun games to play on your hen party. Check out those posts and pages for more ideas for throwing the best […]

5 Memorable Low Key Hen Party Ideas

low key hen party ideas

Every hen isn’t the same. This one is for the ladies out there who do not want a wild hen party or even a hen party at all! We’ve compiled a list of 5 low key hen party ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Show the bride that she doesn’t have to be like the […]

The Ultimate List of Hen Party Ideas

Hen Party Activities

Calling all bridesmaids! Want to give your bride-to-be the hen party of her dreams? We have an amazing selection of list of hen party ideas and activities to suit every bride and budget. The Ultimate List Hen Party Ideas will give you all the inspiration you need. It’s essential to know what she will really love before you start […]

5 Disney Hen Party Theme Ideas

disney hen party ideas

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. After all, the whole point of a wedding is to achieve that perfect, happily ever after, right? But, there’s a lot of build up to that fairytale dream, and you don’t have to wait until the big day to make the bride feel […]

5 hen party activities that NO ONE will expect!

unique hen party ideas

The hen party activity is always a bit of a dilemma. While dance classes, cocktail shaking and karaoke are still firm favourites and a fairly safe bet for some fun clucking action, sometimes a bit of a risk can go a long way to really impressing the bride-to-be and her besties. After all, while baking […]

5 Classy Liverpool Hen Party Ideas

5 Classy Liverpool Hen Party Ideas

If you ever been to Liverpool you may know it as a great place to shop, a place that celebrates and produces great music and a city proud of its football and cultural heritage. It’s the IDEAL location for a hen party with all of this and even more. If you’re looking for an alternative, […]

How to Make a Hen Party Memory Book (Our Top Tips)

How to Make a Hen Party Memory Book (Our Top Tips)

Hen books or hen party memory books… we know it’s super difficult to know what to write in a hen party memory book. What are hen part memory books they and how do we make them? We get asked these questions all the time so today Jayne is giving you the complete low down and sharing […]

Hen Party Survival A to Z

Hen Party Survival A to Z

A is for Assemble the troops Send out a save the date in plenty of time to give people a chance to pencil it in. B is for Bridal party brainstorming No matter how much your bride wants to be surprised be sure to get a list of dos and don’ts from her. C is […]

16 Amazing Dublin Hen Party Ideas

Dublin Hen Party

Planning a Dublin hen party but looking for something different to the typical Temple Bar hen weekend? Well, we’ve got you covered with the insider guide to a cool hen weekend in Dublin. We’ve rounded up some of the best hen party ideas in the fun city and you’ll find something for every type of […]

10 Fun Christmas Hen Party Ideas

Christmas Hen Party Ideas

There is nothing like a Christmas hen party. Winter might be dark and cold, but nothing beats that festive feeling. For any of you out there who are planning the most awesome send off for your bestie around the festive season, we have put together a few alternative hen party ideas for keeping the hen troops entertained […]

Hen Party DIY: Customised Tattoos

Hen Party DIY: Customised Tattoos

Ever since Lauren Conrad’s bachelorette party tattoos were shared all over Instagram, we have been getting constant queries about where you can get them from. We purchased tattoo paper from Amazon a while ago to see how we would be at our own designs and DIY attempts.   Here’s how we got on The tattoo […]

Perfume Making Hen Party

Perfume Making Hen Party

Tonight I tried out the new perfume making hen party activity with The Hen Collection. I must say, I’m quite impressed with my perfume skills and new little perfume just for me! I named my perfume Dolly 22 after my grandmother who passed away recently. I have some green tea in it so I think […]

Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work! Your bride tribe will be there for all the wedmin support and wedding dress shopping that you ask of them (well, some of them will!) plus they will organise you a hen party or pre wedding […]

Hen Party Games Downloads

Hen Party Games Downloads

Last minute planning? These hen party games downloads will ensure everyone is laughing at the hen weekend. A few hen party games are essential for any hen celebration. They bring the hen party to life and can separate it from just another night out or weekend away. If you don’t have time to plan out […]

5 Hen Party Ideas for Small Groups

hen party ideas for small groups

Whether you have a shy and retiring or just very discerning bride on your hands, planning a small hen party throws up some unique challenges. It is not uncommon for a bride to want to keep her pre wedding bash to a small group of her nearest and dearest. This doesn’t have to take from […]

Personalised Gift Bags

Personalised Gift Bags

Nothing looks as complete as a personalised gift bag. Whether you’re looking gifting to your bridesmaids, bride, bridal party or birthday girl, a personalised gift bag is a nice touch and is an easy way of making your gift look extra special. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite personalised gift bags from Etsy. These […]

6 Alternative Hen Party Games All Your Girls Will Love

6 Alternative Hen Party Games All Your Girls Will Love

A hen isn’t a hen without a few games and even a smattering of slightly cringeworthy activities. While it’s true that none of us love an over scheduled party, when you bring a group of gals together it’s a good plan to have a few icebreakers and mood setters up your sleeve. That’s why we […]

9 Unforgettable Naughty Hen Party Ideas

naughty hen party games

Let’s face it, despite the level of class some ladies emanate, some secretly love having a bit of willy in their faces (yes we just said that!)… So, with that in mind, we have rounded up some naughty hen party ideas and games for you to bring the a right dash of dirty to the […]