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Hen Party Planning Tips

8 Quick Tips for the Best Hen Party

When it comes to planning your hen party, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you’ve left the planning to your best friend, you’ll want to know they haven’t booked their dream party and not yours. It can be helpful to have a guide for what you need to do, so here are 8 tips for the best hen party!

  1. Choose the right destination

If you want a city break in a spa hotel, so make sure that’s what you get. If you make a group booking for a hotel, you can often get discounts. They may also offer packages if you’re looking to use the facilities there. There are some great spa packages available in many hotels for groups, so take advantage of them and save some money.

  1. Get the transport sorted

Are you going to fly or drive? It can help to consider the logistics of fitting everyone together on transport, so you might want to consider larger transport. Using an RV is a great way to travel without being cramped together, and it is perfect for road trips. Or you can always hire a limousine if you’re feeling in the mood for a big celebration.

  1. Make sure everyone has confirmed

This can be tedious, but if you’re booking somewhere, then you’ll need to know numbers and also take deposits. It saves you being out of pocket and also means you can negotiate better deals when you book.

  1. Keep everyone updated

It can be helpful to let everyone know that you’ve booked things, so they can start to plan. You can also use it to remind people gently that the hen party is still on. Some people are prone to being forgetful and you don’t want anyone double-booking and cancelling.

  1. Try to keep everyone happy

As the hen, it is obviously your big day. Just remember to consider the needs of other people in the party as well. If you have some older guests, try to schedule things that they will enjoy. Try and factor in some downtime for everyone as well so things don’t get too hectic. After all, you don’t want to get in at 3am and have facials booked at 8am.

  1. Pace yourself

If it’s the first time some of you have been away from partners and kids, try not to go wild at the start. It can be tempting to start the party as soon as you arrive, but you run the risk of burning out quickly. Slow things down and remember to enjoy yourself and your time with your friends.

  1. Dress code/theme

If it’s going to be a themed party, then let everyone know in advance. It can be tricky running around at the last minute trying to find ten pink tutus because you forgot to let everyone know they needed them.

  1. Have fun

It’s going to be a great day, and you’ll create some fun memories. Just remember, what happens at the hen party stays at the hen party!