Hen Party Survival and Hangover Kits

Are you stuck in a hen party bag rut? No idea what to include and more worryingly, how much to spend on each bag? Well never fear, The Hen Planner is here! Remember it’s all about quality, not quantity. We’ve put together some great ideas for you to pick and choose from depending on your budget.

We came across a few of these cute ideas for survival and hangover kits recently. There were some really simple and cheap ideas which will add a great touch to your hen party. If you want to do this on a budget, keep it simple with every day items such as breath mints, painkillers, water, chocolate bars, hair ties,  brown paper bags. To add a personal flair,  give everything a label  i.e. the brown bag labelled  “barf bag” and include with cute sayings written on scrapbook paper. Easy peasy!

For the bags, some simple paper bags will work perfectly. Add a label, sticker or a funny note to them if you want a more personal touch. We have some budget friendly paper bags along with these gorgeous handmade hangover kit bags here.




For bag fillers, our tip would be to have one stand-out item and a few other fun bits and pieces. Five or so items is plenty. Don’t feel under pressure to have the bags overflowing. Keep it simple and make sure everything in the bag is something you can use on the night or that means something to the bride.

Survival items

Image from Wrapped up in Rainbows

Probably the most useful things to pop into your party bags are little bits people might have forgotten and could be in desperate need of on the night or, more than likely, the next morning. Here is the ultimate list of survival items you might want to include:

(1) Bottle of water/lucozade/coke

(2) Painkillers

(3) Plasters

(4) Chewing gum

(5) Hair bobbins/pins

Sweet treats

Image from Wrapped up in Rainbows 

A hen party is the perfect excuse to go candy crazy. Try to pack something tasty to wash down with lashings of champagne. Why not pack:

(1) Mini love hearts

(2) Haribo jellies

(3) Candy bracelets

(4) Lollypops

(5) Treat size chocolate bars

The personal touch


A hen party bag is one of the best opportunities to add a personal touch to the night. All the girls will really appreciate something thoughtful and unique. Things you could consider that won’t break the bank are:

(1) Mini photo albums. Try to fill the first page with a photo of the bride-to-be and each guest. The empty pages can be filled with photos from the night.

(2) Little cards emblazoned with wedding quotes – have a mix of funny and romantic words of wisdom.

(3) Compose your own hen party poem!

(4) Think about things the bride loves and try to bring that into the bags in some small way. For my dinosaur-obsessed journalist bestie, I put in mini dinosaur figures and cute pink notepads and pens.

(5) Check out The Hen Planner Boutique for the trendiest personalised hen party items. Pretty badges and flash tattoos are the perfect addition.

Stick to the theme


It’s always a good idea to include something relevant to your hen party theme. Think outside the box here and make a fabulous nod to what’s in store for the partygoers. Here are a few fun ideas:

(1) For a festival theme, ponchos or these cool wristbands will be a big hit.

(2) For pamper nights in, nail files, mini polishes or face masks would make a great addition. Why not ask at your local perfume/beauty counter for some free samples. Cosy socks from Primark would also go down a storm.

(3) If you’re planning a bit of photobooth fun, put in a different, crazy prop into each bag. You’ll find the perfect pack here.

(4) Going vintage for the night? A red lippy would make a real statement!

(5) If boho is your choice, pick up some cheap chain or floral headpieces.

Now you’ve got the fillings sorted, make sure you get some gorgeous bags to match. The Hen Planner Boutique has a great selection here. Bear in mind the number of bags you need when deciding on your items. 30 lipsticks alone could end up breaking the budget, but for five guests, some lip service could turn five lucky bags into VERY lucky bags!

Remember girls, no one will expect expensive items so stick with shops like Primark, Tiger and €2 euro stores and pick up some real bargains online on Etsy, The Hen Planner Boutique and Ebay.

Have fun mixing and matching!

Below are more random ideas we have come across on the wonderful internet.

DIY_hangover_kit_01 hen_party_hangover_kit_03

hen_party_survival_08 Hen_party_survival_03 hen_party_survival_10 hen_party_survival_09hen_party_hangover_02  Hen_party_hangover_kit_02 hen_party_survival_05 hen_party_hangover_kit_05 hen_party_hangover_kit_04 hen_party_survival_04

Images thanks to The Vintage Cream, Wedding Chicks ,  Bridelicious and a few unknown sources on Pinterest.



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