Hen Party Games

If you been tasked with the honour (and very daunting task!) of arranging a hen party, bachelorette or bridal shower you might be feeling the pressure of ensuring the bride to be has the best farewell to single life, ever. Trying to balance this with the happiness of a bunch of ladies you might not know that well is not an easy task. No hen party is complete without a few hen party games to add to the hen do fun. While it’s true that none of us love an over scheduled party, when you bring a group of gals together it’s a good plan to have a few icebreakers and mood setters up your sleeve to keep everyone in the mood for fun. Here are hen party games to have on your to play list.

1. The toilet paper wedding dress game

Yes, we know! The hen party game does sound a little random and gross but trust us, it can be one of the funnest! This hen party game involves lots of toilet paper and putting everyone into small teams. The Hen Planner loves fashion so this is our obvious hen party game favourite!

2. Pin the trunks on the hunks!

Print a large picture of a hunk or hunks. This could be the groom but you could include the groom along with some celebrity hotness like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds or Chris Hemsworth (whoever the bride has a crush on or her teenage crush) Much like pin the tail on the donkey, you can then take it in turns to pin some trunks on him whilst blindfolded. This game could be a lot ruder…use your imagination. Check out these hunks that you can purchase and download on etsy.

3. How well do you know the bride

An oldie but a goodie. This is a great quiz for a gang that don’t know each other well. Everyone can have a laugh with this once you get the questions right. Don’t worry about them being able to answer them all, the wrong answers are funnier. Make teams to work on the answers and get the bride to give her responses to the group. Award a prize for best worst answer as well as the team that gets most right.

4. Who’s who and guess her age

This is a good one over dinner or to play at the welcome / reception drinks. This involves getting a mix of baby bride and baby groom photos in advance. Put the baby photos of the bride and groom side by side and get guests to figure out who’s who. Use a variety of photos of the bride at different ages and ask people to guess.

5. Naughty moulding

All you need for this game is play-doh. It’s another hilarious option and watch how competitive it gets. You can let the girls play individually or put everyone into teams. Give everyone some play-doh and ask them to mould various body parts. How risque is up to you! You can make it as competitive as you like and get votes for the best shapes. You can also ask them to create something that represents the bride. You’d be surprised at how fun this is and how creative your ladies are! Buy play doh here. We recommend playing this after a few drinks. You can also split the group into teams and ask them to create a man.

6. Hen Party Charades

This is a classic game and a good fall back for any party in need of a boost. The hen party spin on it is picking girlie charades themes – chick flicks and hot celebrities etc should be on the list . You can also add some more fun by adding people in her life from the groom, to her mother, inlaws, to ex-boyfriends to herself. Another option is changing the original charades format and getting the girls to work in pairs and to act out famous scenes from different chick flicks. Think the jumping routine in Dirty Dancing and the top of the world from Titanic. Be inspired by Legally Blonde, The Notebook, Clueless,  How to lose a guy in 10 days, Mean Girls, Crazy Stupid Love, When Harry Met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Bridesmaids and whatever girlie cheese you can think of!

7. Celebrity Heads

This isn’t a hen specific game but works really well as an icebreaker. For those of you who haven’t played this, it’s a very simple game. All you  need is some post its and pens. If you are a little miss crafty, you can put your own creative touch on the game tools! How it works Everyone sits around in a circle and writes down a celebrity name on a post it without anyone seeing. They then place it on the forehead of the person next to you. Everyone else does this so that all guests have a celebrity name on their forehead that they can’t see. The game then works around the circle with each person asking a question about their celebrity. They can only be given a yes or no answer. You keep going around until everyone has guessed who their celebrity is. For a fun hen party twist, maybe use celebrity brides or one half of a famous couple.

8. Memory Lane

This is the perfect icebreaker for a hen party group who know the bride from different parts of her life, and don’t necessary know each other that well. There are various ways this game can be played. It’s also nice for the bride to be as it’s one of the personal games. How it works. Before the hen party, ask all the guests to think of a memory or when they first met the bride and write it on a piece of paper. At the hen party, put all the memories into a hat and get the bride to pull them out one by one. She will read the memory out and guess which of her friends it is. This also lets the other girls know how the other guests first met the bride to be. Even some who are friends with the other guests might be surprised. Let the guests know to be as funny, sentimental or embarrassing as they like!

9. Sweetheart Icebreakers

A cute and tasty twist on breaking the ice for guests who don’t know everyone Get the mingling and party started with conversation cookies, a cute and unique addition to a hen party.  Especially good when guests don’t really know each other.  Decorate some cookies with words using icing. You can theme the conversations however you like. From what’s hot on the Daily Mail gossip to wedding buzzwords to cities…. if you want to make it a focus on the bride to be, write down little things or words about her on the cookies and get people talking. It’s just a way to warm peoples tongues. A sugar kick always works! Don’t want to do cookies? Try cupcakes. If you don’t have time to decorate,  play like the celebrity heads game.

10. The Wine Tasting Game

A non traditional party game which is perfect for a sophisticated hen party. Everyone votes for their favourite wine without seeing the label. What you need Bottle of wine (ask each guest to bring a bottle), Bags to keep the label covered. Wineglasses How it works Guests will taste each bottle of wine and vote for their favourite wine. The bottle with the most votes, wins! The person who brought the wine will then reveal how much the wine cost.

11. The Present Game

Everyone brings a gift for the bride to be that reminds them of their friendship! You can line these up, put them in a bag or even hide them and send the bride to fine them. She then has to guess who brought the gift for her. Gifts can be anything, small, a poem, something handmade. A nice touch will be to photo her with each gift and the giver as you go along. If you send her searching for the gifts, remember to take photos of this too .Photos photos photos!! Add some forfeits if she gets it wrong for the hen party twist.

12. Hen Party Lingerie

This is similar to the hen party present game but all guests bring the bride to be a pair of knickers or lingerie! She then has to guess who gave them to her. Give the girls a small budget.

13. Pass the Parcel

Relive your childhood fun by adapting this game or your hen party! The Prep For those of you who were not lucky enough to have played this party game, you simply wrap up one small gift. You then wrap the wrapped gift up with more paper and include another gift in that layer. You keep adding more layers and wrapping more gifts until you have everything included.

The Gifts Our favourite way of doing this is getting the guests to bring a gift that reminds them of a memory with the bride to be. If you don’t want to go down this route, you can get small gifts for the game yourself. We’re thinking a candle, nail polish, shower caps, compact mirrors and whatever useful treats you can think of. Massage oils and other naughty touches will be fun too but will depend on the 50 shades factor.

To Play You’ll need some music playing with everyone around in a circle. Stop the music at intervals and the person holding the parcel gets to open it. If you decide to play our favourite way, the bride to be then has to guess who brought that gift and why they would have chosen that gift. This is a really nice way of sharing stories and memories with all the girls.

The Special Touches Fix it so that the bride gets the last gift which is specifically for her. Have the wrapping paper as something the bride love animal etc Pick some songs that are personal to the bride to be.

14. Banned Word Game

This is really fun whether you stay in or head out. It is not specifically a hen party game but again, it works really well.

Pick a few words that people are not allowed say for a period of time  i.e. the grooms name, ‘wedding’, ‘party’, ‘myself’ etc. Don’t pick more than four words. Then if anyone says those words, they have to do a forfeit which is decided by the hen planner or the group before they start the game.

You could also play this by giving everyone a peg, ring or bracelet. When someone catches them saying a banned word, they have to give their item to that person. The person with the most pegs, rings or bracelets at the end of the game wins.

15. The Marshmallow Challenge

Buy a few bags of marshmallows. Each girl has to fill their mouths with marshmallows and try to say a chosen work (i.e. Ejaculation) without biting into the marshmallows…. try it!

16. The Biscuit Challenge

Each girl gets a few biscuits or crackers and has to bite the shape of a willy into them. Difficult!!

17. Balloon Humping

One balloon, two girls trying to burst it. You’ll be howling with laughter.

18. Bridezilla

You will need a prop for this. Either make the most hideous veil you can with a bling tiara. Think glitter, fluff and everything a stylish bride would hate.  You could also bring a  chicken hat, a moustache, a granny hat or whatever random hideousness you can think off. At the start of the hen party, tell all that the words “wedding”,  “bride” and the grooms name are BANNED. The forbidden words. If they use one of the words, they will be Bridezilla and will be ordered to the wear the veil or hat until someone else speaks the words that should not be spoken. We are not fans of veils or tack – but if this stuff happens behind closed doors, no one will ever know.


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