Hen Party Game : Pass the Parcel

Relive your childhood fun by adapting the pass the parcel game for your hen party!

We have played this one at a hen party and 30th birthday party. It works really well each time and breaks up the party a little in a good way. Especially when you hide some naughty surprises in the game for the hen do fun factor.


The Prep

For those of you who were not lucky enough to have played this party game, you simply wrap up one small gift. You then wrap the wrapped gift up with more paper and include another gift in that layer. You keep adding more layers and wrapping more gifts until you have everything included.

The Gifts

Our favourite way of doing this is getting the guests to bring a gift that reminds them of a memory with the bride to be. This will involve you wrapping the game at the hen party which isn’t always ideal. If you don’t want to go down this route, you can get small gifts for the game yourself. We’re thinking a candle, nail polish, shower caps, compact mirrors and whatever useful treats you can think of. Massage oils and other naughty touches from Ann Summers will add to the hen do fun.

To Play

You’ll need some music playing with everyone around in a circle. Stop the music at intervals and the person holding the parcel gets to open it. If you decide to play our favourite way, the bride to be then has to guess who brought that gift and why they would have chosen that gift. This is a really nice way of sharing stories and memories with all the girls.

The Special Touches

Fix it so that the bride gets the last gift which is specifically for her. When we played this game we had a memory book for the bride to be as her surprise gift. Yes, there were tears ladies. Have the wrapping paper as something the bride loves – a colour, animal etc Pick some songs that are personal to the bride to be. It’s all about her remember!


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