Vintage Hen Party in Brighton

This is a gorgeous, 50s inspired hen party in Brighton which took place a few weeks ago. The ladies organising the party did a fabulous job and thought of everything. Thank you to Lynn (the bridesmaid), Sarah (bride to be) and all the girls for sharing this fun and colourful weekend with us. Be inspired ladies!


Brighton, UK. They stayed at The Hen House on George Street, Brighton

What they did


They opted for a fun, private house party on the first night. They had a DIY bunting making activity where they all personalised their own bunting for the bride to be which was then all put together as a gorgeous party decorations. They kept their thirst satisfied with cute jam jar cocktails served by their own, personal bar man.


Brighton_hen_party_11.jpg  Brighton_hen_party_01.jpg Brighton_hen_party_02.jpg Brighton_hen_party_03.jpg
Brighton_hen_party_12.jpg Brighton_Hen_party_13.jpg Brighton_hen_party_14.jpg Brighton_hen_party_16.jpg Brighton_Hen_Party_17.jpg Brighton_Hen_Party_18.jpg


The girls kicked off the day with a “champagne” breakfast breakfast . It was then time to get their 50s glamour on for a fun, vintage hen party activity. The girls headed to the Pelirocco hotel for a 50’s vintage themed afternoon tea with DJ and karaoke room. (You can book this through Doily Days here) Afterwards, they headed to Brighton pier for a DIY photoshoot using a Polaroid camera which was a gift from the groom #amazinggroomtobe All the girls got to take home a cute photo of them with the bride.

Brighton_hen_party_08.jpg Brighton_hen_party_07.jpg

Brighton_hen_party_09.jpg Brighton_hen_party_10.jpg

Brighton_hen_party_22.jpg Brighton_hen_party_15.jpg

Saturday night

The girls opted for a stylish Hollywood glamour  night. Before heading out, they had a champagne reception served by a naughty and fun  butler in the buff. They headed to bar 76 where we had private booths reserved.

The Personal Touches

Names on the cocktail jars
Cute signs and decorations
Hangover kits
Personalised water bottles
Personalised champagne bottle
Photos of the bride
Face cut out photos of the groom



Photo credits: Lynn McCroy

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