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Unique Hen Party Activities in London

To us, London is the home of random. Fresh out of college in Cork, we learned pretty quick that there was a lot more to fashion than our Miss Sixty baggy jeans and Puma runners. We probably (definitely) over used the word random when we first moved there, gobsmacked by everything and everyone we saw. A piece of our hearts will always remain in this amazing city and it’s definitely one of our favourite hen party locations – so many fun and unique hen party activities to choose from! So if you are looking for a particularly unique hen party experience, London is a good place to find it. The Hen Planner team have been scouting around and below are unique and fun London activity ideas to help you with your party planning. Here are 8 unique hen party activities London to inspire you.


1. Pimp My Pineapple

First up, we had to include something completely random keeping in the theme of London. Christabel’s  ‘Pimp my Pineapple’ is a hen party activity where you do what it says on the tin and pimp a pineapple! You and your ladies will let your creative energy run WILD and produce some beautiful bejewelled pineapples which once spray painted last for up to four weeks. If the bride is feeling the pineapples, these could be used as the table centrepieces at the wedding instead of flowers – genius! You’ll also find options here like Macaron Art Masterclasses where you’ll pimp out tasty macarons with paid, glitter and other fun edibles. Or keep it more hen friendly and go for a Pimp My Cocktail experience. You get the picture ladies. If you’re a creative bunch of bridesmaids and want to bring some serious fun and random to the hen party fun, definitely get inspired by the creative genius Christabel’s here and see what hen party fun you can pull together.



2. DIY Bride

The Hen Planner has always been an advocate of DIY. We get an amazing sense of satisfaction and chuffedness (new word) from our DIY efforts, as bad as they may be. If the bride to be shares this love for DIY then Laura Felicity’s awesome DIY inspired hen party workshops are the perfect activity for you and the girls. With homeware fashion being as important as clothing these days, all the ladies will love the chance to create something for their own space. You’ll learn the extremely useful skills of lino and screen printing which essentially teach you how to make stamps and stencils to be applied to fabric, stationary and more – transform, totes, cushions, walls as well as bunting and cards (perfect for adding a personal touch to the wedding day). During the workshop you will also create a very special hen book or card for the lovely bride to be. For more details contact Laura Felicity here.



3. Make your own Gin

We couldn’t have a list that did not include the nations favourite tipple. Forget the party bus ladies, the infinitely classier option for your hen party is to head to the home of the booze, the distillery. At the Ginstitute on Portobello you’ll learn all about the much loved gin. Plus, you’ll each get to make your own bottle of gin to your own taste be it the more juniper the better or if you’re all about the cucumber, You’ll also get to drink copious amounts and take it home! The dream hen party afternoon! Find out more and book here.


4. Immersive Theatre

2017 has definitely been the year of immersive theatre experiences. The Great Gatsby is famous for opulent parties and colourful characters. And, with the 1920s being the dream vintage theme for hen parties and you can take this to another level with an immersive theatre experience. Basically, you will get to attend a gatsby party which were the most epic parties ever. More details here.


5. Rockstar Vibes

For the secret x-factor or karaoke fans out there. We’re pop star wannabes here and this is definitely on our hen party activity list. Spend a fun afternoon in a top, professional studio in London and get your x factor on. You get to choose the songs you record. Feel like a rock star sipping on bubbles (or swigging from the bottle!) scoffing nibbles and putting down your track. If you are brave enough, get the track played at the wedding reception or have it as a keepsake for the years to come. Recording days are based in West London and we highly recommend. Read more about them here.


Unique hen party ideas london

6. Gatsby Headpiece and Jewellery Making

A little party never killed nobody ladies and if you’re planning on hen partying Gatsby style, make sure you turn up looking the part and ready to make Mr Gatsby himself drop his jaw in swoonville. The 1920s and Gatsby inspired hen party themes are popular but oh so classy, timeless and fun. Spend a few hours channelling your inner creator to perfect either a Gatsby inspired headpiece or jewellery. Your handmade gorgeousness can be worn for your 1920s inspired hen party night or even as an accessory at the big day. The bride might even create her own wedding headpiece which would be particularly amazing. The perfect activity to team with the immersive experience above. Enquire and book here.




7. Rock my shoes!

For the shoe addict bride and fashionistas, this creative hen party activity teaches you how to customise your shoes. With Rocks my shoes! you can personalise your shoes with embellishment and crystals,  transforming an old pair of heels in a brand new and sparkly pair.  If you haven’t been able to find the perfect wedding shoe for the bride or the bridesmaids, this is a great opportunity to put your own unique stamp on the day and wedding photos. Even better, this class is run by Nicky who has so much passion and brings a great element of fun to the activity. Shoeaholics, read more about your perfect hen party activity right here.



8. Samba Drumming

It’s always about the drummer for us. Be it a male or female, the drummer is always the coolest and most intriguing band member. If any of you ladies are feeling a tingle for some beats (especially after seeing Whiplash) we have an awesomely unique hen party activity for you. Big Beats offer Brazilian Samba drumming which you learn how to get your beat on and even get to record your creative efforts on your very own CD. Contact the Adrian at Big Beats here to find out more about this cool and alternative hen party activity.


9. Afternoon Tea Bus

How fun does afternoon tea sound whilst sitting on a bus that takes you around all the sights of London?! Indulge in a gorgeous afternoon tea on a vintage red bus which takes you around the city. This is definitely a fun afternoon and people pleaser for anyone visiting the capital and will be perfect for all ages. Find out how to book here.


BB Bakery Bus London


10. 60s GoGo Dancing

And finally, number 8 in our 8 unique hen party activities in London is 60s and 70s Go-Go dancing. If you are looking for a vintage inspired hen party activity, the 60s is a decade that always gets over looked. The 1920s and the Gatsby parties are always popular as are the pin up 50s. The 60s was all about GoGo dancing and The Meyer Dancers offer a fun, alternative and unique hen party dance experience. Dress up in shift dresses, wing it out with some black eyeliner and pump your hair up for some gogo frolicks with these fun and talented ladies.

Watch the ladies in action here.


If any of you have more unique hen party experiences in London to share, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoyed this post on 8 unique hen party ideas in London.





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