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The Ultimate Hen Party Guide

We are constantly on the hunt for fresh and different ways to make the hen party you are planning different, unique and extra special. We have been on more than enough and have played on all sides of the fence (bridesmaid, guest and BRIDE!) and have seen all the best ideas around.  These tried, tested hen party tips will have the girl gang high fiving your hen party planning efforts with whatsapp emojis for weeks. So here’s the ultimate hen party guide with some fun hen party ideas to. Happy planning gals!


1. #SquadGoals

Hen parties are a happy times. Bring your cheer and fun to the weekend. Even if you have had a rough week, the party spirit and social butterfly is essential to keep the good times going.

2. Hydrate

Bring lots of bottles of H2Oh. LOTS! Pop into an Aldi or somewhere to get a large pack of small water bottles or if you have some budget, get some personalised water bottles on Etsy.


Photos are essential. Don’t forget to take a few with the bride too. A polaroid is a cool way to get photos and a great gift idea for the Bride. You can pick on up here Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera And don’t forget some fun photo booth props. If you’re an extra special bridesmaid, you’ll gather up all the polaroids after the hen party and create a little album for the bride. Pop it in the post and she’ll love receiving this thoughtful gift a few days after the hen party fun.

4. Groom Swoons

Record a soppy clip or some sort of note (or even a song!) from the groom and surprise the bride with it on the night. Have the tissues ready. This beats a bunch of flowers hands down.

5. Wife Life Prep 

Bring a gift for the Bride to see her into married life. Set the budget at €5 or €10 and let the girls use their imaginations. Expect funny little self help books,  handcuffs and lots of underwear!

6. Photo Props

Gift the bride with some fab oversized bling for the weekend like our new and awesome engagement ring balloon. Perfect for photos too! No matter what Bridezilla says, she wants one of these. Or our cool hen party sunglasses.Or browse our amazing collection of hen party accessories for more ideas.

7. Happy Hour

Build in some down time for people to take a disco nap or catch up over a sneaky cocktail. A party that is scheduled to death can be exhausting.

8. Memoirs from the hen party

Where ever the hen party is on, bring some post cards and ask each guest to write a note to the bride before the hen  party is over. These are then sent to the bride the week after the hen party. Cutest idea ever. Endless brownie points. You’re welcome girls! Our hen party advice cards for the bride are another cute way of doing this.

9. Send her a LETTER!

We all love getting snail mail. Send the bride a letter or postcard in advance of the hen party. Give her the lowdown on the itinerary and what to pack / expect etc.

10. Love notes

A scrapbook for the bride can be a real pain to organise but it’s so lovely to receive so don’t give up! Our Miss to Mrs scrapbook is cute, budget friendly with guaranteed happy happy happy tears! Get the girls to write in this before the hen party as it gives them time to think rather than attempting some hungover scribbles.

11. Date Night Genie

Before the hen party you will need to stock up on craft sticks and get a jar. At the hen party ask all the guests to write down a date idea for the couple for when they’re married. The bride then gets to take them home and have some great date nights planned with her Mr. It will also feel quite special when they do go on the date as they’ll know where the idea came from. Awe. You can buy our date night box here if you don’t feel like DIY.

12. Embarrass her!

If she can handle it, defo bring some embarrassment to the hen do. It will only add to the hen party banter. We’ve been at a hen party where the bride did a dodgy / sexy photo shoot back in the day for an old boyfriend. She thought these photos were safe and would never see the light of day. She thought wrong! The were posted around the house with areas for people to write captions on the photos. They were also turned into table mats.


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