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The Will I or Wont I Bridesmaid Speech Debate

About a year ago I was bridesmaid for a really good friend. When she asked me to be bridesmaid she found some speech’s by some maid of honours where they sang them instead of speaking and she wasn’t long pinging the you-tube links our way. Although she played it down as a joke (with what I expect was a very sharp jag) I set off to try and come up with something for her despite having the worst voice known to man-kind.

Now as I stood up to speak, I heard afterwards a man at one of the tables had seemingly rolled his eyes and said “O God not another soppy bridesmaid speech” expecting tears and me telling my friend how much I loved her. But when I asked my boyfriend to “drop the beat” (he was my production manager for the day) and took off into a rendition of my speech to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Belair the same man was the first up off his seat.

Now don’t get me wrong I am completely aware that this could have gone terribly, terribly wrong but there were a number of reasons why I had faith that it would go down well.

Bridesmaid Speech

Firstly I knew my friend and I knew she would love it (she had dropped enough hints). Even when the wedding planner wouldn’t let me use the speakers in the room for it, I trusted my gut and hired my own for the weekend in order to be able to do it.

Secondly I knew my audience- a perfect mixture of young and old with some nuns and priests thrown in for good measure. There is NOTHING in this world worse than a crude speech. It is never funny, and awkward on everyone. By keeping it classy I could ensure that the humour was well received. I included stories from when I first met the bride to her meeting her husband to my hopes and dreams for them as a couple.

Finally (by being the ultimate trickster) I was able to incorporate a toast into the last verse which meant that everyone had to be on their feet when I finished so even if it had been a complete disaster I would be always be able to say I got a standing ovation!!!!

Now I am not saying that this is for everyone but as we are becoming more and more influenced by internet breaking wedding speeches and entrances, you may mind find yourself in a similar predicament!! You know the bride better than most people in the room and what she would like. So whether it is a simple poem (if you can’t write your own, Carries, “His Hello was the end of her endings is always a crowd pleaser or contact me here at the hen planner for some Fresh Prince style inspiration) to a song or even to a rap there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it!!! Just keep it simple, ensure its classy and make it personal.