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Bra Pong – How To Play & What You’ll Need

Bra Pong

If you like an easy DIY challenge, Bra Pong is a fun addition to the hen party games list. What is bra pong you ask? Well, you basically stick a few bras to a large board and write numbers for points on them. The rules of bra pong are simple. The hen party guests then bounce […]

34 Best Hen Party Dares (& Free Dare Cards!)

Best Hen Party Dares

Hen Party Dares are a great way of bringing some serious fun and laughs to the hen party celebrations. They can be a great ice breaker for groups that don’t know each other. They can also work as a “pick me up” if there is a lull after too much food at dinner. Out of all […]

50 Mr & Mrs Questions for the Hen Party Mr and Mrs Quiz

mr and mrs quiz questions

The Mr and Mrs quiz is essential for any hen party and is our #1 recommendation for all hen celebrations. Why do we love it so much? These Mr and Mrs Questions uncover interesting facts and secrets about the bride and her groom. = Guaranteed LOLs for any hen group. Read on for 50 Mr […]

Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions (The Paddle Round)

mr and mrs questions paddle round

If you’re looking for alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game is an alternative spin on the standard Mr and Mrs Quiz game. Whilst it is always a great idea to capture the groom answering the questions on camera, we understand that this isn’t always possible in advance of the hen party. This alternative […]

Lingerie Bachelorette Party Ideas: Guess The Lingerie

guess the lingerie game

Guess the Lingerie is also known as the panties game. It’s a popular game to play at a hen party or bridal shower and we really recommend it! It’s extremely apt and fun to play at a hen party. Essentially, each guest brings a piece of lingerie be it knickers, panties or something more alternative for […]

Dirty Pictionary: Naughty Hen Party Game

dirty pictionary game idea

Ooooooh, naughty naughty! Dirty Pictionary is a classic for any party. We usually steer clear of anything too naughty however we do sheepishly wave our hands as big fans of the dirty alphabet game after a few glasses of wine or cocktails. When we saw this hen party style pictionary, we had to share. It […]

6 Alternative Hen Party Games All Your Girls Will Love

6 Alternative Hen Party Games All Your Girls Will Love

A hen isn’t a hen without a few games and even a smattering of slightly cringeworthy activities. While it’s true that none of us love an over scheduled party, when you bring a group of gals together it’s a good plan to have a few icebreakers and mood setters up your sleeve. That’s why we […]

9 Unforgettable Naughty Hen Party Ideas

naughty hen party games

Let’s face it, despite the level of class some ladies emanate, some secretly love having a bit of willy in their faces (yes we just said that!)… So, with that in mind, we have rounded up some naughty hen party ideas and games for you to bring the a right dash of dirty to the […]

Hen Party Game : Wedding Predictions

Hen Party Game : Wedding Predictions

Finding unique and different hen party games is always a struggle when hen do planning, especially when you know the girls or the bride will have been to a gazillion hen parties already. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and here is our latest one! This weekend we were at a fabulous baby […]

How Well Do You Know The Bride? (Easy Hen Game)

At a hen party recently we were all given a quiz to complete on the bride to be. We teamed up in pairs of 2 and worked our way through the questions on the bride. It started out with her younger years, school, college and some general questions. It’s a great idea for an ice […]

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

We have listened to your feedback and know that everyone is always on the hunt for alternative and funny Mr and Mrs Questions. The Mr & Mrs quiz is a hen party staple and even though it has been played for years, we still have it as a must for any hen do celebration. We […]

Gift Ideas for the Bride

Gift Ideas for the Bride

So you’re on the guest list for your bestie’s hen. Glad rags and good times lined up but what about that gift? So here, I’m referring to the “keep it simple girls, don’t go any trouble but produce something funny and meaningful for under a tenner ” gift!! This is a type of activity or […]

Kitchen Hen Party and Games

Kitchen Hen Party and Games

Our fabulous blogger Noelle tells us exactly what a Kitchen Party is and why it’s the perfect alternative hen party celebration for friends and family of all ages! As the eldest girl in our family when I got married a couple of years ago I was breaking new ground in hen planning. Neither my mother […]