Real Hen Parties : Bridal Boot Camp

We came across a SUPER fun looking hen party on the Wrapped up in Rainbows blog this week and it was bursting with inspiration! Get ready to take notes ladies.

The bride to be is a fitness instructor and a dancer, along with all her friends! The amazing hen party planners (including Laura of Wrapped up in Rainbows) came up with the theme ‘Bridal Boot Camp’ and put the bride to be through her paces to see if she was ready to be a wifey. It was a house party (budget friendly ladies) so it was easy to decorate and have freedom in terms of prepping and ideas. They went for a pink, gold and mint green colour scheme which is a hen planner favourite.

IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0410


Hen Party Cocktail
The cocktail of choice was Malibu based as that’s the bride to be’s favourite tipple. The drinks itself sounds like something we have at our parties… “Rosie’s favourite drink is Malibu so we created a delicious cocktail by throwing in some ingredients and hoping for the best!” They had paper straws with DIY flags on them which always add to the décor and party atmosphere.


IMG_0416 IMG_0399


Photos of the bride
The bridesmaids asked all the ladies to send photos of themselves with the bride to be and there was a wall of Rosie. They also sent in some stories about their favourite time with the lovely bride. This is a great idea for all hen parties. It acts as an ice-breaker and an activity in itself! It also helps everyone get to know a little more about the bride as well as her friends that they might not know so well.



Hen Party Favours
This is one of our favourite parts of this hen party. We love a little party bag and these ladies put a great spin on it to fit the theme. They gave each of the girls bum bags or their “utility belt” to fit the bootcamp hen party theme. In the kit they had hydration liquid (water), emergency health drink (shots of vodka!) head gear (pink sweat bands), mini lipsticks, energy tablets (love heart sweets rebranded) and night vision location devices (glow stick bracelets).


hydration-liquid-hen-party IMG_0407


The Bride’s Crush
The bride to be is a Harry Potter fan so they created their own game called “Plant the pucker on the Potter”. This involved each girl trying to kiss Harry’s face whilst blindfolded, avoiding all the badies.



IMG_0456 plant-the-pucker-game


Tattoos of the Groom
Laura made temporary hen party tattoos using images of the grooms face. She will be launching a business selling customised temporary tattoos soon so follow her blog or Facebook page to see when this goes live.

For the DIY queens, we recently shared our DIY tattoo blog post and these are so easy to make. However instead of the words we had, use photos of the grooms head instead.

alfie-tatts pop-tatts-singles jude-tattoo IMG_0432


You can read more about this amazing and fun hen party over at Laura’s blog here.


What about you? Did you make some DIY amazingness did you do for your hen party?


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