Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Game


This scavenger hunt is bound to get any hen party going. Simply buy, download the file, print and get ready to play!

1 x printable design choices included.


Divide into teams or help the bride-to-be complete the list of challenges in our game.

Make it fun – the team with the most points at the end of the night wins. Working as a group? Take a shot for each uncompleted task.

• • • • • HOW OUR DOWNLOAD WORKS • • • • •

1. Download the Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Game PDF file (once you have placed your order you’ll receive a link to this)
2. Print at home, best on white paper (or card if available!)
3. Mark your points as individuals or teams
4. Follow instructions on how to play the game!

• • • • • FILE INFORMATION • • • • •

– 1 page with 12 scenarios for scoring points included

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