G&T Pong (Gin and Tonic Pong)


G&T Pong™,  the new essential game for your hen party! This kit has all you need to get the party started. Split into teams or play one on one. Note, this can get messy so do this outside or in an area that can easily be cleaned.

Kit contains:

  • 12 plastic G&T glasses
  • 3 green G&T pong balls

Mix it up with this modern take on the popular party game. Guaranteed to bring the competitive streak out of even the calmest of friends and family members, you’ve got to be gin it to win it!

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G&T Pong (Gin and Tonic Pong)

G&T Pong, the new essential game for your hen party! This kit is all you need to get the party started – with a touch of class. Split into teams or play one on one. Hugely trendy and ever rising in popularity, G&T has become the drink of choice for all sorts of celebrations and another essential at a hen party!

Hens, What Are The Rules?

  1. Split your hen party into two teams. Then set up your table with 6 glasses on each end, we recommend a nice triangular shape.
  2. Take turns to throw (or bounce) the pink ping pong balls into your opponents glasses.
  3. If you land the shot, your opponent drinks the glass of G&T (or takes a sip? But it’s a hen party… come on!)

All straightforward and simple.

In summary, it’s exactly like normal beer pong except with G&T!

What’s In The G&T Pong Drinking Game Kit?

  • 12 plastic glasses (perfect for G&T or your drink of choice)
  • 3 pink ping pong balls (easily lost, so drink responsibly)

Who Made The Kit?

Not us this time. The innovator behind this product is Talking Tables, a design-led British brand. They’ve created other innovative and super fun games and we’re extremely proud to be an exclusive supplier of their products.

We love their products because they’re always high quality.

Hen Planner Advice

Drink responsibly please hens.

Please tag us in your parties #g&tpong – we’d love to see the carnage we created.

Oh and if you’re looking for more party games, we’ve done a big list of the 40 Best Hen Party Games.


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