Virtual Hen Party Game Drink If (Not Grandma Friendly!)


Note: This is our Not Grandma Friendly Edition, if you’re looking for a tamer version, try out the family friendly one.

This virtual hen party game of Drink If is the perfect addition to your virtual hen party or zoom catch up with friends. Simply buy, download the file, print and get ready to play!


This drinking virtual party game is a fun way to spend self-quarantine time virtually with friends! It’s also the perfect game for your lockdown or virtual hen party celebrations.

Our Drink If game cards are super fun and guaranteed to entertain you and your friends virtually for at least 1 hour! Easy instructions are included with 30 Drink If scenarios. All you need to do to play is order, download, print and connect virtually with friends or your hen party to play! Drink if can be played with alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

• • • • • HOW OUR DOWNLOAD WORKS • • • • •

1. Download the Virtual Hen Party Games file PDF file (once you have placed your order you’ll receive a link to this)
2. Print at home, best on white paper
3. Cut out the Drink If scenarios
4. Follow instructions on how to play the game!

• • • • • FILE INFORMATION • • • • •

– 5 pages with 30 non grandma friendly cards included

If you are lucky enough to be planning a normal hen party or bachelorette you can still download these cards to play on the hen.

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