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Planning a hen night that is memorable for the right reasons!

Our guest blogger Noelle is sharing her top 10 tips for throwing a hen party that is memorable for the right reasons. From knowing the crowd to avoiding hen party game overload to keeping it chilled, follow Noelle’s advice below to throw a hen party that will have the bride smiling and everyone talking about it for weeks after for the right reasons.

Classy Hen Party Ideas

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1. Consult the bride

All too often forgotten is the need to check in with the bride. It is her hen party and even if she wants a total surprise she may well have a list of things she definitely wouldn’t want. Things that it may be useful to consult on are home/away, one night or two, the amount of money she is happy for guests to pay & any history between guests that may affect the party.

2. Pick your theme

Know your shabby chic from your SATC and don’t start buying until you have chosen your theme. If you stick to one core idea you can target planning & spending to where it will be most effective.

Classy Hen Party Ideas

Image from Green Wedding Shoes

3. Play to your strengths

Communication, financial wizardry, creativity and the diplomacy skills of a UN negotiator can all be required in the planning  of a hen party! Figure out who is best suited to what tasks & you’ll have a far easier time of it.

4. The money bit

Remember that you haven’t won the Lotto recently. Set your budget, be realistic & stick to it! There are so many fantastic bits & bobs out there these days that it is easy to get carried away.  Give your guests a heads up on price and what’s included early and set a schedule for them to lodge money to a designated account. If you can collect money beforehand it makes for a far more relaxed atmosphere on the day.

5. Get creative

With the invention of things like wundaweb and the current trend for all things hessian even the most craft phobic of us can throw together a shabby chic bunting that the bride will be chuffed with. Knowing you have gone to the effort of creating a keepsake for her (even if there were a few quick fix cheats involved) will make for a very happy bride to be.

6. Keep it chilled

Nobody likes a drill sergeant and bridesmaids do well to remember that the star of the show must always be the bride herself. So resist any temptation to don a whistle, now is not the time to test your bootcamp skills.

Classy Hen Party Inspiration

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7. Go easy on the games

A few well timed games are essential as icebreakers and mood setters but too many can feel forced. Build in time for relaxed catch ups and if conversation is flowing maybe consider dropping a game or two and allowing the gang to make their own fun.

8. Think outside the box

A hen I heard tell of recently kicked off with a dip in the Forty Foot & a bubbly brunch picnic beside the sea before heading back to the bridesmaid’s house for cocktails & dinner that night. Be brave in your choices while keeping it within the realm of the bride’s interests.

Which leads me nicely to….

Mums and Hen Parties

9. Know your audience

A champagne picnic on Howth Head may be fab but not necessarily the right fit for a bunch of dance around their handbags ’til dawn kinda girls.

And finally…..

10. Smile and remember why you are doing this

A hen without a little stress is as rare as a hen with teeth. So if drama emerges or plans hit a bump in the road grin & bear it. The hen party is the kick off of wedding celebrations for the bride so keep any drama on the down low and remember to look like you are having fun even if you have to fake it ’til you make it. The bridal party set the tone for the night so happy maids mean happy hens.


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