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Personalising Your Gifts

personalising your gifts

Struggling to find the perfect gift ideas or make your gifts different? Our tip is make it personal and you’re on to a winner – especially when you’re looking for something more unique and memorable. And we also mean in a cool and stylish way rather than a tacky, pointless gift that will never be used! Personalised drinking glasses, custom bridal party robes, hang tags for your gift boxes and personalised jewellery are all gorgeous gift ideas for your bridal party. We’ve rounded up some suggestions below to help when personalising your gifts. 

1. Hang Tags

Hang tags are hanging labels that you can hang from little boxes or gift bags. These are perfect for your hen party bags if you want to add a personal touch. You could buy plain hen party bags like these rose gold hen party bags  and add a hang tag to the bag with the hen party hashtag or just a “thanks for coming”. These are also great for your wedding favours like the main image for this post. How cute are these?!

2. Decals

Decals are stickers that you can put on glasses to personalise them. If you want a personalised champagne glass for your bridal party or a custom mug for your newly engaged bestie, a decal is a simple way to decorate a glass or mug you already have or have sourced elsewhere. Browse some stickers for champagne glasses here.

3. Note cards

Who doesn’t love a personalised note card! A note card is a very simple way of personalising your gift. Whether it’s for your bridal party or the bride, you can find stylish and trendy note cards on Etsy to write a personal note to your bestie. They are the ultimate way of personalising your gifts!

4. Photo gifts

Photo gifts are always a great idea. A photo book is a gorgeous gift idea for either the bride surprise her with a cute photobook of the hen party photos or some surprise shots of the wedding. They’ll be lovely to look back on. You can also do photo mugs, coasters, posters and calendars! Photo coaster are a great addition to a hen party also. 

5. Personalised Prints

Word art is a very simple way of creating something personal. A word cloud or a bunch or words designed nicely on a page which relate to the person who the gift is for is an alternative gift for a wedding or an alternative thank you for your bridesmaids. 

6. Labels

Robes and PJs for your bridal party are a gorgeous idea, especially for the morning of the wedding (the photos!) but speaking from experience, who really will wear a bride or bridesmaid robe again? Only if you’re stuck right?! So how about putting a label on the inside instead and adding a personal touch in a more stylish and subtle way? I’d definitely wear that option again!

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