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Here at The Hen Planner, well, we like to be different! We like fashion, we like style and we like nice. When it comes to hen parties, we won’t settle for the norm. Somewhere and somehow tacky traditions were added to hen parties which have been the standard for quite a while. We came, we saw, we did and we said hell no! We have a weird passion with hen parties and seriously object to this brash hen party approach…. Why can’t they be stylish and sophisticated like the ladies they’re for?

So we say a big no to the tacky fluffy pink traditions and embrace the alternative and fresh approach to these celebratory events.  Here are some tips for those of you who are ready to embrace this move with us.


The  Style

Say no to pink and black sashes, fairy wings, devil horns, Where’s Wally and L plates. Take a leaf out of Poppy Delevingne’s #popdoghen or Tatiana Santa Domingo super cool bohemian hen party style. Stock up on hen party accessories like pretty printed sashes, cute, quirky rosettes and badges, and whimsy floral crowns to style the bride the be and the hen party guests.


Popchella_04 Andrea-Casiraghi_2658249b1 hen_party_ideas

classy_hen_party_02 nice_hen_party_ideas_15 bohemian_hen_party_03


Browse for some inspiration and to stock up on your classy and stylish hen party accessories.


The Location

I have seen so much debate, sweat and tears (well not so much tears but they add to the story, right?!) over the hen party location. Keep it simple ladies. We all are rather the social butterfly these days. Weddings, hen parties, birthdays, christening, family…. Remember, this hen party is not the only one. It is all about the bride, but her friends and family are also important. A hen party in Ibiza or Vegas rules out a good chunk of the guests so weigh up what’s most important to the bride here – where she goes or who goes. What usually makes a hen party is the bride getting all her girlies together and having a catch up with lots of fun and attention. Don’t be afraid to head somewhere that doesn’t have the reputation for hen parties either. Be brave. Head to a random town or village and you’ll have just as much fun.



The Activities

Don’t put too much focus on trying to be different when it comes to activities. It is ALL about the bride. Don’t worry if it’s something that has been done before. What does she like?

If the bride likes to dance, then a dance activity it is. Dance Party Experience cover the UK including Belfast. We love these girls. They have worked with the best and when it comes to your hen party, ladies, these girls are the amazing. Whether you want to learn how make those hot and sultry moves like our girl Beyonce or taking a step back to the classy 1920s for some Charleston, they have you covered.


Dance_hen_party_04 Dance_hen_party_03 Dance_hen_party_02

If the bride likes to bake or cook, a food related activity is for you. Think cupcakes, think sushi, think cakepops, think macarons. You don’t have to do all the hard work though. Why not do a food tour like a tapas trail in Dublin or a chocolate tour in London? Afternoon tea is always a treat. The BB Bakery afternoon tea bus (yes, a moving bus) is the perfect combination of afternoon tea, vintage and sight-seeing in London.

bb1 Rachel and Matthew Wedding 2013 BB Bakery Bus London

If you have enough of a budget, we recently came across Luxury Yachting Ireland which offer totally fabulous yacht trips from one day to three days. You get to savour a range of artisan treats on-board,  a wine tasting at anchor, a chocolatier demonstration on-board, an artisan cheese & chutney tasting in a country kitchen and even a unique fresh Irish seafood platter lunch in a dinning room with 300 degree lake views. It’s definitely at the higher end of the budget but if it’s an extra special hen party, head to the beautiful Clare in the west of Ireland for this gem.

If she is creative, don’t brush off the craft classes. To some they might sound a little lame, but the reality of them is that they are fabulous. Bring some bubbles and amaze yourselves with some hidden creative talents from hat making, to jewellery making to bunting. Again, don’t be afraid to ask the craft studios if they can do something more bespoke. If the bride wants some centre pieces for her wedding, why not create them over some crafty time at the hen party?

Ministryofcraft_04 Craft_lounge_03 ministryofcraft_02

Staying in is the new going out ladies. The fun part on a night out is always the drinks in the house right?! We love a good house party. There are plenty of mobile cocktail bars and activities you can bring to your home or self catering accommodation. Avoid the naff local club, sleazy men and keep it classy. Opt for whatever theme suits the mood from alternative and vintage, 1920s, flapper speakeasy to fun festival to a retro crazed evening.

Learn how to pull a Pint in one of Ireland’s smallest villages, arrive to the VIP Deck of a spa resort, enjoy a private collection of Irish contemporary art & sculpture or anchor down in a private bay with a cheese platter over a glass of wine.

When in doubt, bring on the pouts. A makeover or pamper session always goes down well for the girly girls. From taking over the Benefit or Chanel stores to bringing the talent to you, you’ll find something that works. Team it with a  photo-shoot and treasure your news looks forever. We know great hair and makeup teams all across the UK and Ireland so drop an email to if you’d like to find a beauty team for your hen party.

Beauty_kitchen_01  CowshedLondonPamper benefit-boutique_GA-6


The Personal Touch

We’ve been to an endless amount of hen parties. The things that really make it are the personal touches that really show the bride how well her friends know her and the thought they put into it. You don’t have to go overboard here. Have a brainstorm and think about what she loves. Is she obsessed with a brand like The Kooples? Why not transform her and her groom into The Koople Couple? Is she a vintage style queen? Add vintage touches to the entire day. From flower crowns to bunting to photos on the wall, there are so many possibilities here and it’s our favourite part of a hen party planning.

The two must haves for any hen party are (i) the Mr and Mrs Quiz and (ii) The Personalised Book / a personalised keepsake.

Mr and Mrs – view our question list here: Pick 20 of these and book a secret date with the groom. We also recommend that you record this. It really brings it to life and makes it engaging and interactive for all.

The Personalised Book – either make this yourself i.e. buy a blank scrapbook / notebook. Cover it with nice paper and create your own cover. Email the girls and get them all to contribute a message and photo. Our favourite option is using Blurb for this. We used their tool and service recently for our friends hen book and it worked out really well. It’s more expensive but it looks great and the bride to be will treasure it forever. Make your own book with Blurb here.

hen_party_memory_book_01 photo 2 0dc4a6c859d011e3972712727e18697c_7


Image Credit: Lifelusthaves, Instagram – Poppy Delevingne, Grazia Magazine, Dance Party Experience, BB Bakery, Chanel, Benefit


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