Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions

Mr and Mrs Questions

The Mr and Mrs quiz is an old favourite hen party game. It’s probably played at every hen party and no hen party should take place without playing a version of this revealing hen do game. The Mr and Mrs Questions uncover interesting facts about the bride and her groom that your hen party will be dying to know, such as dating questions, food questions, likes, dislikes and more. With a mix of sweet, funny and naughty it’s a great way idea to kickstart the best hen party weekend. Read on for our advice on how to play the Mr and Mrs Quiz game and lots of ideas for mr and mrs questions. 

Hen Planner Tip! Our tip is to not look for too intimate details on their personal life, especially if mamma bear is there. And really, who really needs to know that! Read on below for how to play or skip past it for our list of mr and mrs questions.

How to play the Mr and Mrs Quiz

So before the hen party, ask the groom 10 to 20 questions about him, the bride and their relationship. Choose the Mr and Mrs Questions from our list below. If you have time and the groom isn’t camera shy, record him answering the Mr and Mrs questions on a phone, ipad or laptop. You can then play his answers back after the bride gives her answer. The bride will absolutely love this and so will the hen party guests. It makes it a lot more personal and the bride will love seeing her groom and feeling like he’s more involved. It definitely makes the Mr and Mrs Quiz more engaging.

A little hen party planning tip is to be a little mindful when you’re choosing the Mr and Mrs questions for the Mr and Mrs quiz. You don’t want to go too intimate or too personal if it’s not the bride’s style. Or if her mother or his sister are there. We have selected the TOP questions for the Mr and Mrs game to make it easy for you. Make sure to include a mix of questions and a little bit of naughty and rudeness is definitely called for – but nothing too OTT. There are some things we really do not need to know!

Mr and Mrs Questions

We have split up the Mr and Mrs Questions below into sections. There are some questions about her, then questions about the groom, some about their relationship and a few more.

Mr and Mrs Questions – About Her

What way does she like her eggs?
What’s was her first job?
What size shoe is she?
If she was on a desert island what is three things she would take?
What is her guilty pleasure?
Describe her in 3 words
What did she wear on your first date?
Tell us something about her that might surprise us
If she was to have plastic surgery what would she have done?
What is her worst habit?
Who would play her in a film of your life?
What color are her eyes?
What is BRIDE’ favourite chocolate bar?
What perfume does she like to wear?

Mr and Mrs Questions – About Him

What’s her favourite part of your body?
What will she say is his most annoying habit?
What’s the first thing he does in the morning?
Name 3 things you love about him?
Who would play him in a film of your life?
What color are his eyes?
What is his favourite sport?
What’s his shoe size?
Is he a tidy person?
Is he a leg or breast man?
What would he grab in a fire?
If he could have any superpower what would it be & why?

Mr and Mrs Questions – About Them

What is hers / his go to karaoke song?
Who takes up the most room in bed?
What are he / she most likely to go viral for?
What is his / her greatest fear?
What were your first impressions when you first lay eyes on him / her?
Who made the first move?
Who gets the last word in an argument
Who will be most hungover after the wedding?
What are you most likely to argue about?
Who has the worst handwriting?
Where did you go for your first date?
If you compare yourselves to any celebrity couple, who do you think you most compare to?
What is he / she most likely to end up in jail for?
If she could be a famous person, who would your other half be?
He / she has won the lotto, what are they buying?
If he could be anyone famous, who would it be?
What would your matching tattoos be of?
Who is his/her icon or who do they admire most?
If you compare yourselves to any celebrity couple, who do you think you most compare to?
What celebrity would you compare him / her to?
Demonstrate their signature dance move
Where was the wildest/weirdest place you had se*x?
If he/she was to lick a food off you, what would it be?
Do you pet names for each other/ and your parts?
Have you ever bought anything from Ann Summers?

Alternative, different and funny Mr and Mrs Questions

If the above are a little too standard for you, the follow Mr and Mrs Questions add a different tone to the game. They make it more light hearted and funny. These need to be personal to the bride and groom so not all of them will work for you but they will hopefully give you some great ideas. The multiple choice format for the Mr and Mrs Quiz is always a great call if you have some time, energy and humour to put into it.

What first attracted you to BRIDE

a. She had 3 sisters and no brothers
b. Being from the countryside she was likely to have frontage and a good quota
c. You like a girl with huge knockers
d. That she had endless access to cleaning products

If BRIDE was to choose which public figure she would like to be would she choose:

a. Joan Burton
b. Mary Harney
c. Mary Lou McDonald
d. None of the above as she’s never heard of any of them

If BRIDE had to choose between you having the head of a fish & the body of a man or the body of a fish and the head of a man, what would she choose?

BRIDE’S favourite date is:

a. back row at the cinema
b. a rumble in the jungle
c. shots at the bar
d. A cosy meal for two

When you started courting the BRIDE was she:

a. hard to get
b. easy
c. a slow boil
d. a dirty slapper

If BRIDE was a sheep would she be:

a. ewe
b. ram
c. lamb

Is she an early riser or a night rider?

In how many of these places have you and Groom / Bride been more than friendly?

  1. Woods
  2. Car
  3. Beach
  4. Garden
  5. Other

Which of these would you most prefer in the garden?

  1. Gnomes
  2. Pond
  3. Bird table
  4. Sundial

Which of these does GROOM think is his best feature?

  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Ears
  4. Mouth
  5. Other

How do you rate F’s cooking ability?

  1. Non-existent
  2. Average
  3. Excellent
  4. Criminal

Which of theses do you think is BRIDE’S favourite uniform?

  1. Nurse
  2. Police lady
  3. French maid
  4. Bunny girl

How many of these has BRIDE / GROOM done?

  1. Streaked
  2. Bungee jumped
  3. Abseiled
  4. Skinny dipped

Which of theses would you say that BRIDE is worst at?

  1. Spellings
  2. Sums
  3. Sports
  4. Singing

When BRIDE settles to go to sleep which side does she lie on?

  1. Left
  2. Right
  3. Her back
  4. Her front

How would BRIDE feel if you were going to a strip club?

  1. Uneasy
  2. Not mind
  3. Annoyed
  4. Not let you go

If another man flirted with BRIDE would GROOM be:

  1. Jealous?
  2. Watchful?
  3. Pleased?
  4. Not bothered?


Which of these did you last share?

  1. Bottle of wine
  2. Ice cream
  3. Take away
  4. Bath

How would you rate GROOMS dancing?

  1. Poor
  2. Average
  3. Very good
  4. Embarrassing

How often does BRIDE suffer from headaches?

  1. Often
  2. Sometimes
  3. Rarely
  4. Conveniently

Does Groom walk around the house with no clothes on:

  1. Often
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

Lack of which of these would make Groom most grumpy

  1. Sleep
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Alcohol
  4. Food

We hope our questions above help you put together the perfect set for your Mr and Mrs Questions list.

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