Alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game

If you’re looking for alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game is an alternative spin on the standard Mr and Mrs Quiz game. Whilst it is always a great idea to capture the groom answering the questions on camera, we understand that this isn’t always possible in advance of the hen party. This alternative hen party game is a little more quick fire and works amazingly for the bride who isn’t as sensitive and wouldn’t be fussed about seeing her darling groom to be squirming on camera.

How does the Mr and Mrs Quiz Paddle Game work? Simply choose 20 questions from the list below. Send them over to the future hubs to answer via email. Take 4 paddles on the hen party weekend. If you can get paddles in different colours (i.e. one colour for bride and one colour for groom) this will work really well. You can also stick a piece of card on with the words “Bride” and “Groom” on them. When it’s time, put her in the hen party game hot seat and get ready to ask her the questions. One of the hens party bridesmaids or guests will be nominated to hold the same paddles up for the groom’s answers.

In standard hen do games rules, if you want to make it a bit more saucy, you can have a forfeit for each one the bride gets wrong or if she gets a certain number wrong at the end. The forfeit is up to you ladies! Check out the questions below and check out our other hen party games ideas here.

The Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

  1. Who is the best looking
  2. Who is the boss
  3. Who is the most romantic
  4. Who smells the best
  5. Who is the best cook
  6. Who is the messiest
  7. Who breaks wind the most
  8. Who is the best dancer
  9. Who has the best taste in clothes
  10. Who is the most stubborn
  11. Who has the worst memory
  12. Who has the weirdest orgasm face
  13. Who is the party animal
  14. Who is the grumpiest
  15. Who is the cleverest
  16. Who has the most important job
  17. Who is the best driver
  18. Who has the best sense of direction
  19. Who can drink the most
  20. Who gets the worst hangover
  21. Who’s parents are the most fun
  22. Who is the fittest
  23. Who has had the most partners
  24. Who snores the loudest
  25. Who has the worst habits
  26. Who is the most talkative
  27. Who gets scared easiest
  28. Who takes the longest getting ready for a night out
  29. Who is the laziest
  30. Who is most likely to trip over

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