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Lingerie Bachelorette Party Ideas: Guess The Lingerie

guess the lingerie game

Guess the Lingerie is also known as the panties game. It’s a popular game to play at a hen party or bridal shower and we really recommend it!

It’s extremely apt and fun to play at a hen party. Essentially, each guest brings a piece of lingerie be it knickers, panties or something more alternative for the bride to be. The bride is given each gift randomly and she must  guess who brought her the lingerie.

You can play this game very simply around the dinner table or living room. However, if you want to go the extra mile and make it more of a feature, we suggest bringing hangers along and creating a centre piece with all the lingerie hanging. Make it look pretty and fun with a boudoir feel.

The bride has to go through each item, holding it up for all the girls to see and guess who gave her the underwear.

If you want to involve alcohol,  she can take a drink for every wrong guess!!

This is also a good game to play at a lingerie shower

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