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6 Ideas for a Hollywood Glamour Hen Party Theme

If you’re looking for a simple and classy hen party theme idea, nothing oozes as much style as a classic, hollywood glamour themed hen do. This one is perfect for the fashionistas and vintage loving ladies. Think of the flawless glamour of starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and you’re on your way to imagining a hen party theme inspired by the golden age of Hollywood. We suggest that you don’t just pick one, but use it as an overall theme which will allow you to draw upon the best of each.



We had a chat with Penny from Hens With Pens who gave us some advice for creating a fun, cool and super classy Hollywood Glamour hen party. Below are her tips for adding some instant and budget friendly Hollywood Glam to your hen party.


1. Red lipstick

Simple! Red lippy is a bold and classy statement. This make up staple of Hollywood will bring out the glamour in all the girls.


2. Marilyn Monroe Beauty spots

Beauty spots are a simple touch that add an instant touch of the sultry Marilyn. All you need is eyeliner and voila! To complete the look get the girls who decide to channel their inner Marilyn to wear a fun and floaty Marilyn dress to top it off.


3. Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Some sparkly frosting will help add the look. Think Andy in how to lose a guy in 10 days and that STUNNING yellow gown! Pearls will also create an Audrey look.


4. Cigarette Holders

These are great for photos! Also perfect for gesturing with and an instant feeling of sophistication.


5. Little Black Dresses

Black dresses and a black hen party dress code is always a classic. Asking everyone to wear a classic LBD will take the pressure off any ladies who might not have the funds or time to put together some random theme. A monochrome hen party theme also suggests old-school film and photography and always looks timeless and glamorous.


6. Big Sunglasses

Most of the party will have a pair of big sunglasses in their accessories collection, and these will complete your costume look whatever the time of year. They look great in photos and hide any tired or hungover eyes!


Do you have any more tips for a simple and classy Hollywood hen party theme?




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