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Hen Party Theme : 90s Retro Party

This week we discovered the creative and DIY amazingness that is Laura of Wrapped up in rainbows blog.

We came across a 90s party she put together and it was too cool not to share. A retro hen party theme is always fun, colourful and kitsch. Most ladies getting married these days will be 100% 90s kids. These were the days of Saved by the Bell, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Clueless, Clarissa explaining it all, slouch socks, hair bands, gameboys and sooooo much more. A spin on any of her 90s era favourites will definitely add a nice dash of fun and laughs to your party. The idea we are going to share from Laura’s blog is the 90s inspired Photo Booth that she put together, helping out a friends party. We love hen party DIY. It’s personal and budget friendly and a great way of adding a unique touch to your hen do. This simple DIY and a unique photo taking opportunity with memories that will having you laughing for a long time.


DIY Photobooth

Firstly, Laura created her own DIY Photo Booth backdrop using an old sheet and bright acrylic paints. “Much fun was had creating a ‘splatter’ effect. There is definitely a technique to it!”

painting paint-splatters


DIY Photo booth props

Next up was the photo booth props. If you’re going to do this, get a piece of paper and write out a list of all your memories from the 90s. Speak with the bride to be’s family to see what she was into. From dolls to Super Mario to Pokemon to the Spice Girls.

Amongst other ideas, Laura decided to make a giant Gameboy.

I found a box that was about the right proportions and then printed out a screen shot from the game.  The buttons were made from cut out pieces of plastic cork and polystyrene, and I painted the details on with acrylics.

cardboard-gameboy smash-hits teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles 90s-phoobooth-props90s-43


The photo booth in action

Then it’s time for snap happy fun time with the girls!


90s-photobooth-giant-gameboy 90s-photobooth-pokeball 90s-photobooth-smash-hits charlies-angels-90s-photobooth balloons 90s-photobooth-fun


Head over to the fabulous Wrapped up in rainbows blog for more DIY and creative amazingness! x


What do you think? Have you tried making DIY Photo Booth props?



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