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Hen Party Survival A to Z

A is for Assemble the troops

Send out a save the date in plenty of time to give people a chance to pencil it in.


B is for Bridal party brainstorming

No matter how much your bride wants to be surprised be sure to get a list of dos and don’ts from her.

C is for Champagne.

No explanation needed!!

D is for Drinks

Keep the gang well lubricated. Even the best activity can get very dry very quickly without a bar break!

E is for Emails

Keep in touch and give people all the necessary info but try to avoid the monthly newsletter!

F is for Freebies

Make use of online resources for free games & printables. Here’s 40 of our Best Hen Party Games, most on the list are free.

G is fo Games

Something to break the ice without putting people on the spot. A few prizes are always a good idea to win people over.


H is for helpers

If you’re going solo as bridesmaid be sure to enlist some help from the Bride’s nearest and dearest.

I is for Inspiration

Stick with us here at, we’ve done the research for you and picked the cream of the crop when it comes to activities, ideas and suppliers.

J is for Jewellery

Gift the bride with some fab oversized bling for the weekend like our new and awesome engagement ring balloon.


K is for Keepsake

These can be a real pain to organise but so lovely to receive so don’t give up on the scrapbook. Our Miss to Mrs book is cute, budget friendly with guaranteed happy happy happy tears!

L is for Location

Nobody loves a mammoth trek on a Sunday after a major weekend so try to keep it within and hour or two of most, on a train line is even better.

M is for Money

Keep costs reasonable and give plenty of notice of when money is due.

N is for Nerves

Settle the bride to be’s nerves by catching up the night before or travelling with just a few of her nearest and dearest.


O is for Outside the box

Don’t stick slavishly to the formula and show the bride to be how important she is to you all by creating personal touches.

P is for Planning

Put in the spade work early and you will get to relax on the weekend itself safe in the knowledge that your hard work will pay off.

Q is for Mr & Mrs. Quiz

A cliché it may be but it’s a tried and tested staple and always produces a few laughs.

R is for R & R

Build in some down time for people to take a disco nap or catch up over a sneaky cocktail. A party that is scheduled to death can be exhausting.


S is for Surprise

Get the groom on board to organise a surprise message or gift for his bride to be.

T is for Team Bride

whether you are a possee that loves or loathes a dress code it’s a good idea to pick up a few bits to unify the group. We love these Team Bride and Bride Tribe tattoos. Perfect for a festival inspired hen party.

U is for Upbeat

The bridesmaids are the cheer squad for the weekend so be your best social butterfly and keep the good times going.

V is for Veil

Even the most hen phobic bride will get in the swing of things on the day and appreciate a few trinkets that set her apart from the crowd. Keep it classy by going for something like our lace crowns available in black and gold.

W is for When

The timing of the hen party is all important. Too far away from the wedding and it can be a bit anti climatic, too close and it’s a real burden on people’s time and purse.

x is for Xrays

Best avoided on a hen weekend!


Y is for You

Be sure to grab a chance to have some fun yourself.

Z is for Zilla

Avoid becoming one! It is easy to get swept up in the drama should one arise, just keep smiling and party on.