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5 Hen Party Ideas for Small Groups

hen party ideas for small groups

Whether you have a shy and retiring or just very discerning bride on your hands, planning a small hen party throws up some unique challenges. It is not uncommon for a bride to want to keep her pre wedding bash to a small group of her nearest and dearest. This doesn’t have to take from the fun and in fact can mean that a myriad of options become available that wouldn’t work with a larger troop. Noelle has put together some fabulous options to help you plan a beautiful bijou hen.

Self catering luxury


From becoming lady of the manor to lighthouse keeper for the weekend a visit to will give you some fantastic options for a truly unique stay in some amazing heritage properties.

Cookery school

Who doesn’t love good food and wine in the lap of luxury? If your bride is a foodie a weekend of cookery demos & sampling the end result is sure to make her happy.

Yoga retreat


Restore a little zen to the wedding planning frenzy with a weekend yoga retreat. This can be as saintly or sumptuous as you wish with options in eco centres & luxury hotels.

Road trip

Alternative Hen Party

Hit the highway for a weekend of fun. Head for any of the four corners of the country, it’s doesn’t matter a great deal once you can all pile into a car together you’re sure to have a laugh. Get together a playlist of old school favourites and share the driving as you unleash your inner Thelma and Louise.

Penthouse party


Slumber party in style in a shared penthouse. Throw caution to the wind as you sample room service and the mini bar in your best pj’s .Think back to sleepovers of your childhood for inspiration, stick a scrunchie in your hair, gift the bride with her favourite Judy Blume and prepare for a grown up girls night.