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Hen party organising essentials

If you’ve just realised there’s a lot more to planning a hen party than you thought, we feel your pain. It might as well be renamed a mini wedding! From sorting out the guest list, to finding a venue, collecting the cash, sourcing activities, games, themes, and the rest, the list is never-ending. Especially for bridesmaids who have never organised a hen party before, it can be a little overwhelming. And there can often be things that fall through the loop. If you don’t want to find yourself in a pickle on the day of the hen, here’s a list of five things you may have forgotten about.


1. Transport

So, you’ve picked the venue and everyone knows where you are going, but how are you going to get there? A big factor to consider when you are booking a venue needs to be how accessible it is by public transport – many people won’t be able to drive! If there’s a large group, it might be worth organising a private bus to get you all there safely together. You’ll probably have the best craic on the journey.


2. Hotel rules

For different reasons, some hotels do not like to take bookings from hen parties, so be upfront from the beginning to save embarrassment at check-in. If you plan on doing something a bit different on your hen party, especially if it involves dressing up, make sure you check with your accommodation if they are agreeable to it. They may be fine with your plans but might not want you to dine in the restaurant, for example.


3. Budget

Make sure everyone knows exactly what they have to pay for. If you are collecting money in advance for the hotel, make sure the girls know whether dinner/activities are or aren’t included in this price. Hen parties are a big expense on everyone involved, so give people enough time to save for the event.


4. Contingency fund

There will be so many little extra things that need to be paid for apart from the main expenses of accommodation, activities and food. What about all the little extra things you have planned, like bottles of prosecco, presents for the bride, decorations, games, party bags? Don’t be left with this expense. Ensure you collect a small amount from all the girls.


5. Pay for the bride

Don’t forget to factor some of the bride’s costs into your budget. This is her day and it’s a really nice treat if, at the end of dinner or when you are checking out of the hotel, she doesn’t have to reach into her pocket. She will feel like she has really been spoiled!

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