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Hen Party DIY: Customised Tattoos

Ever since Lauren Conrad’s bachelorette party tattoos were shared all over Instagram, we have been getting constant queries about where you can get them from. We purchased tattoo paper from Amazon a while ago to see how we would be at our own designs and DIY attempts.



Here’s how we got on

The tattoo paper comes with instructions which need to be followed. Using an inkjet printer, print your designs on to the correct side of the special paper.

If you’re designing your own tattoos, you will need to print your designs as a ‘mirror’ image if using text to avoid the words appearing backwards on your skin.

We mocked up some of our own designs.




Once you have printed out your tattoo designs on to the glossy side of the tattoo paper, leave it dry for a few minutes. Then take the clear adhesive sheet that comes with the paper and and carefully apply it to your freshly printed design. We found this part the trickiest. Once you have it inline, smooth the adhesive sheet onto the printed sheet, working out any bubbles using a ruler (or something similar). Doing this lifts the printed design onto the clear adhesive sheet, so you need to ensure that you are doing it carefully.

Cut your tattoos out and put them in your hen party favour or goody bags for a unique hen do surprise!

When it comes to applying your personalised hen party tattoos, remove the plastic backing, hold a wet sponge on the design for 60 seconds and then, peel the paper away.



We bought our paper on Amazon here.

Head to Etsy UK to browse the fabulous tattoo options from the creative folk selling there.

If you want to use our designs, you can download them for free here. 



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