36 Hen Party Bag Fillers and Favours

Check out our curated list below for gorgeous ideas for your hen party or bachelorette party favours. Before we share our list, we just want to say that nobody expects hens party favours or goody bags. They’re totally something that bridesmaids put themselves under pressure to have for the hen do. If you do decide to do bags, you can fill them with the accessories that the hen party guests will need for the hen anyway i.e. a prop, an accessory like a hen party headband or sash, confetti to throw or pop at the bride as she arrives, a dare card etc. If you want to go all out with little surprises and gifts for your guests, then check out the Hen Party Bag Fillers and Favour suggestions below which are mainly from Etsy.

1. A Post Hen Party Candle

The one thing absolutely EVERYONE will need after the best hen weekend ever, is relaxation. And what better way to relax than tucking up in some comfy house clothes, a bit of netflix and a gorgeous candle burning in the background. A candle isn’t your typical hen party favour but it’s definitely a good one. Who doesn’t love a candle?!


2. A Hen Party Wish Bracelet

A hen party wish bracelet is a simple addition to your hen party bags. We like these ones. Minimalist packaging – check. Cheesy quote – check! These are a cute addition to your ladies wrists and a keepsake from the hen weekend.


3. Some hen party ENERGY sweets

Hen parties are tough going, especially after a long week at work. Some sugar or snacks in your hen party bags is essential. These prosecco or bellini flavoured sweets are perfectly apt for your hen celebrations. Buy little bags to wrap these in and give your hen party guests a few of these cute sweets.

4. A hen party hair clip

If you want a hen party accessory that makes a trendy fashion statement, this cool hair clip is perfect. It says HEN DO. Think of the photos and how cool all your girls with look with this matchy matchy vibe.

5. Ring Bottle Topper

If you want a favour that screams hen do, this fun diamond ring bottle topper is your winner.

6. Reusable Hen Party Cups

Why get paper when you can be sustainable and get reusable hen party cups. These cute pink reusable hen party cups are perfect for prosecco, gin or water. The girls can use them all weekend long.

7.  Gold Willy Straws

If you choose to bring willy straws to your hen party celebrations, they may as well be gold right? The classy version of a willy straw? Hmmmm, maybe not but they’re nicer than the pink ones :)

8. A personalised gold acrylic drinks topper

These super stylish gold acrylic drinks toppers scream “take a picture of me and post me on instagram!”. These are very on trend and will ensure your hen weekend is all about the classy vibe.

9. Bride Tribe Hair Clips

These BRIDE TRIBE hen party hair accessories are the perfect finishing touch to your rose gold themed hen do. These have BRIDE or TRIBE in pretty pearl or rhinestone letters. Available in gold, rose gold and silver!

silver tribe hair clip

10. A Hen Party Fan

If you’re heading to sunny shores for your hen party weekend, a hen party or personalised fan is a gorgeous touch to your hen party bags. Practical and a fun prop for photos. Serious winner.

11. A Stylish Hen Party T-shirt

One of our fashion inspired hen party t-shirts are a fun addition to your hen party bags. The girls will love these comfy and stylish hen party t-shirts and actually WANT to wear them.

12. Heart Sunglasses

Ok, these are probably the funnest, cutest and best hen party accessory. They look great in photos (or you don’t even have to take photos!). They just look great. They are fun!

13. A glitzy hen party hairband

Stand out from the crowd for ALL the right reasons with our gorgeous rhinestone hen party hairbands. These say BRIDE TO BE, BRIDESMAID and TEAM BRIDE.

14. Personalised Hen Party Sunglasses

If heart sunglasses aren’t really your thing, more subtle Team bride and personalised hen party sunglasses like the below might be more apt. Essential if you’re looking for Marbella Hen Party Ideas, or Barcelona Hen Party Ideas or another ideas for another sunny hen party destination.

15. Personalised Hen Party Chocolates

There is only one thing better than a chocolate snack on a hen party and that’s personalised hen party chocolates. These Marilyn Monroe ones are a fun alternative and there are more personalised options available with this company.


16. Personalised Compact Mirrors

Personalised compact mirrors are always a nice treat. Compact mirrors always end up getting damaged and stained so a fresh mirror is always a welcome addition to anyones make up kit.

17. Personalised Make Up Pouch

Another winner is a new makeup pouch. WE all know well how tatty these get in time. A refresh is always a welcome addition to any gal’s collection and these make great hen party bag fillers or favours.

18. Prosecco Lollipops

Prosecco lollipops are the ultimate sweet treat for your hen party guests.

19. BEST HEN EVER hen party t-shirts

Our BEST HEN EVER hen party t-shirts are a cool accessory for any fashion thinking hen party. These are gorgeous for brunch or any hen party activity. These will be a very welcome accessory to any hen party bag. The girls will LOVE them.

20. Bridal Party Hair Ties

These Team Bride bridal party hair ties are a fun, budget friendly accessory to add to your hen party bag fillers or favours.

21. Hen Party Lip Balms

Our exclusive hen party lip balm is an amazing addition to your hen party bags. These cute lip balms are a strawberry sent and made from all gorgeous, natural ingredients. These are a handbag essential that your bride tribe will use well after the hen party celebrations.

22. Bridal Party Pens

These bridal party pens are the cutest! These will look great if you are playing hen party games.

23. Personalised Hen Party Straws

Give the hen party guests their own personal straws like these cute hen party straws with flags. These are super cute in whatever drink they have and look great in your hen party photos.

24. Personalised Hen Party Lip Balm

Another winner in your hen party bag fillers or favours is a personalised hen party lip balm. These pretty black and gold lip balms will be refreshing the next day and a much welcomed keepsake after the hen weekend.

25. Hen Party Detox Kit


26. Hen Party Dare Cards

Keep the hen party on track with some fun hen party games. These hen party dare cards are perfect for adding some sass and stories to your hen party fun. 

27.  Hen Party Hats

Baseball hats are always cute. These are particularly fabulous for airport commuting. These hats are so pretty your hen party guests will not want to take them off!

28. Personalised Water Bottles

29. Personalised Water Bottle Labels

30. Hen Party Badges

If you have a mixed hen party group, hen party badges are a great way to help the girls mingle and get to know each other. Especially if some of the ladies are a little shy. It can be hard to remember names and these make it as easy as possible. 

31. Hen Party T-shirts

32. Hen Party Tattoos

Hen party tattoos are an essential for any hen party. These stylish script tattoos are perfect for adding to your hen party bags. 

33. Hen Party Love Heart Sweets

34. Hen Party Nail Polish

35. Hen Party Hangover Kit Bags

Make your hen party guests next day as easy as possible with some hen party after essentials. Ease their pain with painkillers, hangover tea and any other items you think might help. 

36. Personalised Luggage Tags. 

These personalised luggage tags are a gorgeous and luxe hen party accessory if you’re heading away on the hen weekend. No matter where you are going, these classy luggage tags will be ideal as hen party bag fillers or favours. 


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