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Hen parties don’t have to be all about a night on the town with endless shots with a blow up willy in tow. Sometimes all the bride needs is a weekend away with her closest girls. Quality time and catch ups to chill out before the big day. Less is more and this was very much the theme of the hen party I just came back from. Read on for some helpful hen party advice.


We booked into a beautiful self catering luxury manor in Surrey hills just outside of London. The weather was bright and sunny which brought out the best in the already stunning country side. Rolling hills of green, foot bridges and the quaint English countryside.

image (11) image (12)

The manor had 5 bedrooms, accommodating 12 of us. There was a fabulous dining room, two living room spaces and large kitchen.

The bridesmaids were unbelievably amazing. They catered for all of us for the weekend. On the Friday night we tucked into fajitas, had a full breakfast on Saturday and had lasagne on Saturday night. They served, cleared and cleaned.

We got little goody boxes which contained our token straw, some sweetheart sweets, a nail polish and a balloon.

The Friday was typically the night of over indulgence on the drink side. All of us were excited about catching up and really let our hair down. The hen party games of choice for the Friday were play-doh moulding (buy play-doh here) of willies which was very creative, abstract and competitive. The results were hilarious. We also played the wedding dress game. This is one of my favourites. I always take it a little too seriously though like I’m designing a dress for the Oscars!

image (9)image (10)

We moved the party to one of the living areas. Rihanna, Beyonce and Gaga were pumping out the tunes for us. With a large Irish contingent at the hen party, Riverdance came on as we all did our best Jean and Michael impressions. We had more traditional irish music playing to show our English friends how to hop and jig in preparation for the wedding party itself.


After breakfast on Saturday we embarked on a long walk through the forest getting lost more than a few times. It was a beautiful day for a stroll. The plan was to walk to a pub, have some lunch and then get a bus to a vineyard. About 1 hour into the walk, we realised that making it to the pub, let a lone the vineyard would be a bit of a struggle. Our lucky star was with us though and we came across a scout leader with a mini bus who kindly took us to the pub in the beautiful village of Shere. After copious glasses of diet Coke, coffees and some wine, we ran to make the only bus to the vineyard.


The vineyard tour consisted of a little train and a few bottles of bubbles. It was lovely but I’m not going to pretend that I paid attention to the tour itself…! I was far more interested in the bubbles and giggles at the time.

image (14)


Back at the house, we all got dressed us in sophisticated black for the evening. The bride wore red and a veil. Dinner was served and the drinks were flowing. After dinner, our entertainment arrived which was a hunky butler in the buff with a very pert behind! We drank amaretto and played a very revealing game of Mr and Mrs…! It was my dream hen party weekend as a guest. There was no cheesy activity. It was all very relaxed and a great weekend to spend time with friends who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

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Learnings from the hen weekend

  • Less is definitely more
  • Butlers in the buff should only be hired where the bride will embrace it like our fabulous bride to be
  • Two nights of staying in might not work for everyone. Have the option of a night out.
  • Don’t feed the bride too much alcohol!
  • Have a playlist ready for the weekend and ensure that you can play music.
  • Dress the bride up but it’s not necessary to dress the girls up.
  • Record the groom answering the Mr and Mrs questions so you can play it at the hen party and turn it into a bigger event.
  • A few games are good to get everyone into the hen part spirit. Don’t play too many and give everyone a few drinks before you do play.
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