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Hen Party Activity : Makeup Masterclass

The Christmas season is already starting to catch up with our faces and skin here at The Hen Planner HQ. Our attempt at being good and saving has been thrown out the window with our reignited love for makeup and hiding our tired faces during the festivities.

Last night I attended a makeup masterclass in Harvey Nichols in Dublin. This is something I have been dying to try for ages. I am a total product junkie, from make up to skin care to hair products. I’m not very good with actually using the products correctly when I get them though and my face has been screaming out for some proper make up tips.

Laura O’Brien, the fabulous marketing manager at Harvey Nichols arranged for the very talented Tara Farrell from Tara Makeup to run a session for about 40 ladies. We were greeted with bubbles and goody bags (who doesn’t love some surprise freebies)! Everyone was in make up nerd mode taking it very seriously and noting every single word down!

Tara used her sister as her model and guided us through a Saturday night look from scratch.The products that were used were all from Harvey’s and included Stila, Chanel, Laura Mercier and Benefit. I’m not a beauty expert by any means so I won’t go into too much detail of the techniques used. I will however share some of the learnings I took away from it and what have been added to my morning routine!!

Ready, set, EYES
Always start with eyes, even if you’re just wearing a basic eye primer or natural shadow. This will avoid the powder falling on your cheek on top of your make up. Even if you are just wearing eye liner on your eyes, doing this first means you can use other techniques to really define and highlight the eye even more. If you’re like me and not a big eye shadow fan or just want a natural day, use some Touche Eclat (my desert island must) on your eye lid to hide any redness and instantly open up your eye.

Primer is ESSENTIAL!

You only need to use primer on your T zone i.e. your nose but it’s great for smoothing your skin. She recommended Porefessional which is a favourite amongst my friends and I. We were delighted we were ticking the beauty trend there!


Foundation didn’t seem that essential in this session which I liked. I am definitely into more natural looking skin and have never liked a coat of foundation. There is so much you can do with some concealer and highlighters.

Basic Contouring

The biggest lesson I am taking away from the session is the subtle highlighting. Some very easy use of light concealer and a highlighter like high beam really add that dewy look to a face which I totally love. I hadn’t highlighted from my brow bone to my cheek bone before and it makes such a difference. I attempted this look earlier today but definitely in need of much practice on this!

Below is Tara’s video on contouring for any ladies looking to try this for them selves.

The Brow Finish

This was something that was pointed out to me a few years ago by a girl at the Mac counter in Heathrow. I was rushing back to Cork for a wedding the next morning and had nothing organised. I was buying up the whole counter to ensure I had enough paint to cover my tired head. I was telling her that I could never understand why a makeup artist always made make up look so amazing when they did it and she said a big thing was the eye brow finishing. If you don’t have an eye brow pencil, invest in one from Chanel or the Benefit set. You won’t look back. My brow pencil is my second desert island must!


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