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Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work! Your bride tribe will be there for all the wedmin support and wedding dress shopping that you ask of them (well, some of them will!) plus they will organise you a hen party or pre wedding get together to mark your final days as a miss. They will support you through the post hen party come down and hangover from hell (let’s forget that they might have caused this with those terrible drinking games!) Show your girls what you mean to them with some thoughtful gifts on the morning of the wedding. Typical ideals include things like a piece of jewellery to wear on the day of the wedding (and afterwards), a pouch or clutch for the day of the wedding, a robe or PJs for the wedding morning or a candle. How you wrap your bridesmaid gifts is also important. Whether you want to put hang tags on your gifts or fabric labels to personalise them (“Sarah’s Wedding” or “I Do Crew”), this simple addition will really make your bridesmaid gift special. You an also get labels to sew inside of robes, t-shirts, pouch bags and more. We have rounded up some of our faves below. Read on for gift ideas for your bridesmaids. 

1. A Thank you for being my bridesmaid note card

Put a few nice words on a note card to thank your lady for all her support and how happy you are she’s supporting you on your bride tribe. You could even frame your note card as a keepsake for the bridesmaid.

2. Wedding Morning Pjs

Have your ladies co-ordinated on the night before and morning of the wedding with some cute bridesmaid or team bride pyjamas. Every lady loves their comfy clothes and you can never go wrong with some pretty wedding morning pjs.


3. A Bridal Party Robe

Keep your bridal babes warm on the morning of the wedding with a nice robe. These will look great in photos with a bottle of champagne! They are also something your ladies will wear again. Etsy has lots of these and you can also keep an eye out in some of you favourite stores for options. You can personalise them yourself with tags or drop them in somewhere to print names on them. We love the idea of putting a personalised label on the inside of a plain robe. That way your bridesmaid can wear again and again (without the term bridesmaid on show) but knowing the robes has a personal meaning and message with the custom label.


4. A pouch bag

A pouch bag for the day of the wedding is also a nice touch and these are gorgeous gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Plus she can use it afterwards for travelling and storing jewellery. You can personalise some bags which is a lovely touch. If you’re looking for a super personal gift idea, you can purchase labels and customise your bags or gifts.

Team Bride Gift Bag Bridesmaid proposal




5. Jewellery

Everyone loves a piece of frosting for their collection. Treat your tribe to a piece of jewellery that they can wear on the day of the wedding and become a staple part of their collection.


6. Candle

Some post wedding zen is essential. All that dancing, photo posing, holding your dress up while you pee? Being a bridesmaid is tough work. A candle for post wedding chilling is always a good idea that’s why these are perfect gift ideas for your bridesmaids! We have a gorgeous collection of candles. They are all made from soy wax with a pretty pear and freesia scent in a white matte holder.

7. Glass

Whether it’s a personalised glass or a standard one, a champagne flute or stemless glass, is it even your wedding morning if you don’t  have a few sips of bubbles and get the champagne wedding photo shot with your bride tribe? Personalised water bottles are also a great option.

These are of course just suggestions! You’ll know your bridal babes best and know what will work in terms of gifts and budget. Gifts for your ladies aren’t essential but being a bridesmaid is a lot of responsibility and effort so it is a very nice touch.

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