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Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

We have listened to your feedback and know that everyone is always on the hunt for alternative and funny Mr and Mrs Questions. The Mr & Mrs quiz is a hen party staple and even though it has been played for years, we still have it as a must for any hen do celebration.

We know the pressure you all feel to try mix it up and make it different though so we asked our amazing hen party planning friend Denise to come up with some fresh questions. These were put together by her and her hubs and yes, some are a lot more risqué than the normal hen planner style! However, they are funny and will guarantee a lot of blushing and laughs. Not all of these will work or be relevant for the bride you are hen party planning for but hopefully you’ll be inspired. A big thank you to the beautiful Denise and her husband. It’s clear to see the side their imaginations are on!

1. When it comes to cooking does he compare you to….

A) Nigella Lawson – salivates at the sight of your saucy dumplings

B) Roz Purcell – you’re a natural born feeder or

C) Darina Allen – Simply Delicious!


2. Seeing as you are such running enthusiasts, when it comes to horizontal jogging, how does he think he fares…

A) A short sprint specialist

B) An iron man, endurance pro

C) The egg and spoon champ! 


3. How do you think you fare? 

A) Sonia – too nervous to preform!

B) Paula – great at giving head! 

C) Derval – always ready to get the leg over! 


4. Which horse foes he model himself on?

A) Arkle – The show  man always there to entertain the crowd

B) Black Beauty- The dark horse from the West

C) My Little Pony- Every girls dream!


5. When you go shopping is he;

A)Your bag man – you can’t make a decision without his approval

B) Gone to the pub – he’s in denial

C) At home stressing about the damage your doing to the credit card!


6. When it comes to your personal grooming did he say you were

A) Maid Marian – with those untamed locks he loves getting lost in ur Sherwood Forest!  

B) G.I Jane – shaved, well trained and always ready for action! 


7. Given your hubbies obsession with rugby we asked him who he thinks he measures up to on the pitch, did he say

A) As strong as the Tullow Tank – Sean O’Brien

B) As ruggedly handsome as Rob Kearney or

C) A killer personality like Tommy Bowe? 


8. If he was to describe ‘himself’ as a film would he be…

A) Lethal Weapon

B) Gold Finger

C) Free Willy 


9. Did he describe your mother as most like

A) Mrs Doubtfire

B) Stiflers Mom or

C) Mary Poppins


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