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Finding the perfect hen party outfit for the bride

Jayne knows her bride and has it nailed when it comes to surprising the bride with an outfit for her hen celebrations. She has given us the lowdown on finding the perfect hen party outfit for the Bride so that you get it right. Do you know your bride well enough to do this?!

Keeping hen party plans top secret is hard work but it’s SO MUCH FUN and SO worth it when you reveal all. If you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect hen party outfit for the unsuspecting bride-to-be, here are our top tips on how to get it right…


Secretly find out her size

We know we’re stating the obvious here but this is vital if you want to get it right! There’s nothing worse than buying an outfit for the bride-to-be that’s falling off her or worse, an outfit she can’t fit into at all! Whether you’re going for a sexy little number or a silly costume, always keep her size in mind and remember it can dramatically change over the course of a few months so wait as long as you can before you buy.


Know your bride-to-be

Think about her style on a night out and stick to that. If she usually goes for a strapless bodycon dress, don’t choose a dress with a high neck and a flouncy skirt, if she never shows off her legs or cleavage, she’s not going to want to start now and if she hates fancy dress, don’t put her in a chicken costume. Before you hand over your cash, ask – would she like this? Yes? Then go for it!


Shine the spotlight on her

She’s the bride-to-be so she needs to stand out! There’s lots of ways to do it… simply choose a colour theme e.g. ask the hens to wear pink and put the bride in white or add something special that only she will wear like a pretty flower crown. With themes like Great Gatsby Glamour or School Girls make sure she looks the real deal (and way better than everyone else) by adding lots of accessories and getting her hair and make-up done professionally.

Cover her ass-ets

To complete the overall look, she’ll need the right underwear. If you’ve chosen a halter neck top for her, ask her to bring a multi-way bra. If she’s wearing a short skirt, tell her to pack big knickers or shorts. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the small things – cover the basics and her dignity!

Have a back-up plan

As with all things, it’s good to have a back-up plan. In this case, simply keep the outfit a secret and let her pick one for herself. If you’ve chosen a colour theme, mention she should choose a particular colour but say nothing else. Then on the day if she absolutely hates what you want her to wear  – she’ll still have her own outfit with her so no harm done!


Add the finishing touches

Even for a bride-to-be who wants no fuss at all, you need to add something to her outfit to shout to the world – THIS IS THE BRIDE-TO-BE! We’ve got a huge selection of cool and fun accessories to choose from including rosettes, sashes, inflatable tiaras, festival crowns etc. so take a look and tick another thing off your list. 




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