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Hen Party Planning Tips

Essential Tips to Plan the Best Hen Party

So, you have been honoured by your sister or best friends to be the bridesmaid for her big day. Understandably, you will be overwhelmed with emotions and excitement as you cannot wait to see your favourite gal walk the aisle and wed her dream man. But what about the hen party? The responsibility of planning and hosting the perfect hen party seems to rest on your shoulders as well.

Worry not, as we have you covered with our top essential tips that will help you in hosting the perfect hen party for the bride. Read on to learn more!


Plan in Advance

Now, this might be your first time as a bridesmaid, or maybe you have been there before, but you should understand the importance of planning in advance while deciding the date for the hen party. As a rule of the thumb, plan at least three to four weeks in advance. The reason is that it allows the other hens plenty of time to understand and get comfortable with the potential expenses to cover the events. Not to mention that the bride-to-be will require some time to prepare for her big day as well. Ideally, the hen party should be placed at least three weeks before the wedding.


Include the Bride in the Preparation

Since the event will be revolving around the bride, make it a priority to involve the bride in the hen party preparations. Find out what the bride wants the hen party to be like, as she will be the centre of attention. While it might be a good idea to give the bride some rest and let her best friends plan the hen party, you might also want to get the best hen-party events planner involved, such as

Nonetheless, since the bride chose you, her best friend and bridesmaid while trusting you with the confidence that you would plan the right party, don’t forget to keep her in the loop and ask her what she would love and hate in an ideal hen party. We all know how things can go down with bitter brides at hen parties.


Give the Participants Plenty of Notice

After you have made a potential guest list and have it confirmed by the bride, the best next thing to do is sending them a “Save the Date.” This will allow the hens to pre-book things and reschedule certain tasks, including taking off from work. Ensure that you do this as early as you can so that last-minute conflicts can be avoided. Since you are the hen-party planner, the hens will be looking up to you for directions, which is why you will need to distribute plenty of notice.


Know the Participants

When planning a hen party, you should know that you are inviting guests of different age groups who are connected with the bride and hold different positions in her life. That said, as an event planner, you need to ensure that no age group feels isolated and not part of the hen party.

You need to plan a hen party that suits all age groups of the invited hens. For instance, you wouldn’t want to plan a three-hour hike for the bride’s grandmother. Another aspect about the hen party that needs to be addressed is the art of breaking the ice.

Not everyone at the hen party will know each other – in fact, there is a greater chance for some hens to show up solo and be only acquainted with the bride and no one else. You could ask everyone at the party to bring their best photograph with the bride to the party and narrate the background story. This is an excellent way to break the ice and make the gals feel comfy around each other. It could also serve as an excellent way to get the party going and set everyone in an excellent mood.