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How Well Do You Know The Bride? (Easy Hen Game)

At a hen party recently we were all given a quiz to complete on the bride to be. We teamed up in pairs of 2 and worked our way through the questions on the bride. It started out with her younger years, school, college and some general questions. It’s a great idea for an ice breaker and bring the group together. It’s also a very easy hen party game to prepare.

The game can be played on an individual level or else divide the ladies into teams for larger parties and showers.

Get together with the other bridesmaids and some of the bride’s family members beforehand to come up with the perfect questions for your ‘how well do you know the bride’ game. Create a list of 15-20 questions about the bride-to-be and present them as creatively or as rough and ready as you please! After everyone has had time to answer, collect the answers and score them and release the results however you choose. Prizes, forfeits…. The questions can be any level of difficulty, embarrassment or naughtiness!

We have some questions suggested below and also have a pre made quiz template that you can use for your hen party. Just insert the bride’s name at the top, print a few copies and pass around at the hen party! Happing henning x

Ideas for questions

Where did the bride learn to drive?
What was the bride’s first car?
What is the bride’s favourite colour?
How did the bride and groom meet one another?
Where did the bride and groom go on their first date?
What’s the bride’s favourite thing to do?
What was the bride’s first concert?
What is the bride’s favourite restaurant?
What is the bride’s shoe size?
What is the bride’s favourite movie?
How long has the bride dated the groom?
What is the bride’s favorite band or musician?
Where have the bride and groom gone on holiday together?
Where will the bride and groom go on their honeymoon?
What’s the bride’s profession?
What’s the bride’s address?
How did the bride celebrate her last birthday?
What’s the bride’s date of birth?
What’s the bride’s middle name?
Is the bride taking the groom’s name?



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