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Downton Abbey Hen Party

For all you Downton Abbey fans, we are excited and delighted to bring you this unique hen party experience.



This Downton Abbey Hen Party activity is a fun mix of downstairs busyness and mischief, and upstairs posh and naughtiness.

To kick it off, everyone dresses as servants to do some of the household “chores”. Don’t worry ladies, these are fun and are not intended to make you work for supper! Prepare a decadent dessert, have a chamber pot race, set the table or light the fire under the watchful eye of the (dashing) butler.

After the maid experience, the party moves upstairs to the dressing room and everyone changes to evening attire, to become ladies. Have fun and giggles taking yourselves back to a bygone era. It’s then upstairs to the drawing room for some parlour games, a traditional dance and of course, get a few photos taken for the society pages.

We include costumes for everyone, both servants and gentry. As you can imagine, the dressing up alone is quite an event!

We finish with afternoon tea in the dining room where you have the honour of being the guests at a rather grand party.

The programme is based in Mullingar and lasts for 3 hours and costs €50 per person (including lunch or afternoon tea). If you choose to do an evening event the cost is €75 per person and includes dinner. There is a minimum group size of 12 people, or a minimum charge of €600 if there are less than 12.

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