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A Classy Affair. My Best Friend’s Hen Party.


Hi ladies, this is the most personal post I have shared on the blog. It’s pretty long and in two parts. Hopefully it will give you all some ideas for your own hen parties. My friend is will probably kill me if I share too much of her but I’m going to anyway….!

Over the weekend we celebrated my best friend’s hen party. Before I get into the detail, I want to say that this girl is one of the most amazing ladies on the planet and that all those who know here will agree. She has a magic touch and this amazing quality of being 100% there for everyone. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but she does. She is my best friend but also a best friend to her sister and many many more of the girls. When it came to her hen party, we wanted it to be perfect.

There are 5 bridesmaids for the wedding so team hen party was pretty strong to start off with. The bride wanted a complete surprise. No pressure eh?! Her sister was the event manager for the hen. And when I call it an event, that’s what it was!!  When the initial guest list was 50+ long, we did have a little panic. But it dropped down to a more manageable (but still pretty big) 26 head count. The emails and messages that went back and forth between us over the past few months were LONG. And sometimes a little gaga. There was lots of creativity on team bridemaid. I myself had some totally wacky suggestions in there. There was so much we wanted to do but we needed to keep it simple, not overloaded and ensure it was perfect for our bride. I won’t share all the random ideas but below I will talk through the amazing weekend.

The bride had wanted a one night hen do as she wanted the budget to be manageable for everyone. After being on a gazillion hen parties herself, she thought one night of madness would be perfect. We then decided that we would have a smaller gathering of the bridesmaids on the Friday night which will hopefully give you lots of ideas for a classy hen party in Dublin.

Part 1. Friday night.

Our bride was told to pack a bag for the weekend and be ready for a surprise on Friday evening. She knew it would just be with the bridemaids. We had her girls from work involved. They were amazing. We told the bride that we would send her 5 clues via text message about where we were and if she guessed, her chariot would await her outside at 5pm. CSI: Find the bridesmaids! She was pretty busy all day and got some of her team at work to help her solve the puzzle. Our CSI queen guessed it before clue 5. At 5pm the girls from work blind folded her and sent her down to the taxi. We were in The Marker hotel in Dublin. A stunning and glamorous 5 star.



Now, what we didn’t plan for but really added to the night was the event that was taking place in The Marker hotel. The VIP magazine Style awards were on. The red carpet was rolled out and as we sat down to have a cocktail and wait for the bride, we were already spotting the Irish hot list. The bride arrived and we made her walk down the red carpet to us. The weekend got started.



We had seats right by the bar window (right next to the red carpet photos) and door and the cocktails were waiting. We laughed over the next few hours, acting like total groupies and excited kids as we starred down the likes of Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams, Rosanna Davison and lots of other people I really didn’t know. The style was amazing. Disappointingly the papps didn’t want to take a photo of us on the red carpet….!

We went to get changed for dinner and had a little surprise give for the bride. We bought her a pair of shoes for her wedding day between us. They were a fabulous pair of gold Jimmy Choos. She opened them before dinner. The emotions went from shocked, totally mortified, annoyance, excitement, happiness and love. She’s not an extravagant girl at all. They fit her like a glove and she wore them for the night out. I think she actually slept in them too!

We went to Ely for dinner. It was excellent. The staff were the loveliest and the food was delicious. It was so nice for all of us to catch up and have a nice evening before the madness. We gave the bride a rosette (available from here) which looked stunning with her new green dress from Topshop.

Myself and one of the other girls weren’t staying in The Marker. We went back for a drink in the room and then headed home at midnight to get some sleep. I left the bride who promised me that she would go to bed…. For those of you who know her, you’ll know there was little chance of that happening! There was no stopping trouble and trouble’s best friend. Her and one of the other BM’s headed down to the bar and mingled with the famous faces and voices until 4am. What’s hilarious here is that both their phones were dead so they were getting photos with some very well known people and asking them to email them the photos. And they actually did email them!!

When she surfaced on Saturday morning she was a little green. But that’s the way it is at a hen party and the show must go on. A surprise blow dry, some make up and a bottle of sparkling water and it was on to the main event.

Part 2 to follow soon! x


Little touches to Friday night

  1. Hen_party_rosetteDecorating her room. We had a homemade ‘Miss to Mrs’ banner hanging over her bed and some balloons. This was used for a few more hen parties before so ask your friends if they have any decorations left over when you’re planning a hen party.
  2. One of the bridemaids couldn’t make it as she is in Sydney. She had left a video message and we also called her.
  3. Keeping the Friday night location a secret and then the detective game on the Friday afternoon added to the fun.
  4. We had a cocktail waiting for her when she arrived at the hotel and had a few drinks in the bar. However, we had our own drink in the room as the drinks in the hotel are pretty pricy.
  5. The shoes were obviously an amazing touch and a BIG surprise for the bride. There were 5 of us though, so between us all the gift was manageable.
  6. Keeping it simple. We didn’t have a dress code or theme for the night. We just has some bits for the bride as it was a celebration.