Part 2. My best friend’s hen.

This is part 2 of My Best Friend’s Hen Party! Read about part 1 of the Classy Hen Party here 

The hen party destination was Carlingford in Co Louth. Not many of us had been there before but it was the best choice with most of us travelling from Dublin. We booked into the beautiful country house and cookery school, Ghan House. They don’t usually cater for hen parties but they kindly took us in for the night. The house played a big part in the weekend’s success. It was fabulous. We availed of a B&B plus meal rate. A few of us arrived early to get things organised and we were blown away with everything. Paul the manager is unbelievably nice. There were a few different rooms available for us to use.

Ghan_house_02 Ghan_house_01


We used the entrance hall and a side room off this as the welcome area. We had a cupcake and champagne reception. We had a hen party pack for each of the girls. The packs were pretty well stocked. One of the bridesmaid’s boyfriend is a pharmacist so we had all the hangover supplies. We also had Vichy skincare samples, tissues, chewing gum and a wine glass charm.











The beautiful cupcakes above were provided and designed by the fabulous Cocoamoiselle based in Castleknock in Dublin.

We also had a really nice addition which her sister organised. She asked the groom for 30 reasons why he loved the bride. These were then printed on little pieces of paper and stuck on cocktail sticks in the cupcakes. Each of the girls took a cupcake and called out the reason why he loved her. We had then printed and framed out all the reasons which was given to the bride at dinner. It was the loveliest surprise for the bride. We hadn’t actually told the groom what we were doing with this…


We had prearranged the girls rooms beforehand so everyone knew who their buddy was. We mingled for a few hours and then we had our surprise activity which we organised ourselves!


Lovely Ladies!

At 4.30pm it was activity time. So, our friend is a lady. But she’s also a little wild (in a good way) loves having craic and fun. We wanted the activity to be something personal and that tapped into her fun side. We decided to arrange our own activity and held a ‘Lovely Girls’ competition. The bride is from Co Clare and we agreed that a Father Ted spin on things would probably add this personality ot the hen party. We had prearranged activities and had all the supplies with us. We had decorated another room with a ‘Lovely Girls’ sign, had music playing and had everything laid out. The girls were given name badges with ‘special’ names for the competition. It was very relaxed and informal. The rounds were:

Lovely Laugh – all the girls walked around in a circle and did a lovely laugh as they passed the judge

Balloon humping – each girl had to burst a balloon between two of them

Chipstix Tower – each girl made a tower with chipstix

Pony drawing competition – draw a pony

Irish dancing contest – we had 4 different costumes and 4 girls danced around the room together

Marshmallow eating contest – stuffing your mouth with marshmallows and saying the word ‘ejaculation’

Biscuit sculpting – biting a willy shape into a biscuit

A siege of ennis – this is a group irish dance and the bride is famously known for a siege on most nights out

Tray racing – running around outside with a tray and two pints of water

Wheelbarrow race – just like old times



Some people probably loved and hated the above but I think everyone there would agree that it was a good activity for the bride and party that it was. What was really nice about it was that it was just us. We didn’t bring in an instructor or teacher.


After the activity, everyone had just under an hour to get ready for dinner. The theme was floral but it wasn’t very strict. A few of us wore flowers in our hair or headbands. We had a headband for the bride. She also got a lovely surprise from her sister who rented  her the yellow lemons  Alice and Olivia dress. It was stunning. The dinner was excellent. A few people had moaned to me recently about food being bad at hen parties so this was a nice relief. The hotel is known for good food and it didn’t disappoint. There were three tables set up in the room which was nicer than having one big one as groups could chat more.  We had a projector set up which looped photos of the bride to be over dinner. We then played pass the parcel which had a few Ann Summer gifts and the main prize was for the bride which was the memory book we put together for her. It was then Mr and Mrs time which was also played out on the projector. We asked about 15 questions. We did have about 55 to choose fro! We had a jar on the table for everyone so  afterwards we told the girls to bring their jars upstairs and we held Happy Hour up in the brides room for an hour. We then went out to the local pub and club for a night of dancing.





Little Touches for the Hen Party

  1. The goody or hen party bags worked out well. We had small canvas drawstring bags which had a thank you message and an itinerary. We also had a flower clip on them for the night out. Inside we had little hangover kits (lots of meds for helping a hangover) and beauty samples. We also had tissues, a wine glass charm and a chewing gum.
  2. The ’26 reasons why I love her’ was a definite hit and loved by the bride.
  3. The cupcake and champagne reception was great and gave the bride and everyone time to mingle. The cupcakes were absolutely stunning also. They were supplied by Cocomoiselle who is based in Castleknock, Dublin. She caters for nice hen party cupcakes. Not so much naughty.
  4. Activity, dinner and bed being in the same place made it all nice and easy. As we only had 24 hours (if even) we didn’t want anyone to be rushed and not have time to relax and chat. No one had to move too far and it flowed really well.
  5. The projector at dinner was a last minute addition. The photos looping gave a little background entertainment. Mr and Mrs on screen brings the groom to life and is more entertaining for those watching.
  6. The hen book always goes down well. It is a pain to put it together but it really is worth it. I used Blurb to put it together. It took about 16 hours to pull it all together but it was worth it and I’d highly recommend Blurb. Make your own book with Blurb
  7. The pub can play photos so we sent in more here. It added a nice touch to the pub as it made it feel like it was our own private space.


We used lots of products from The Hen Planner Boutique. 


Overall, it was an excellent hen party and I think it went down well. The girls were all great. Everyone was so friendly and relaxed. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful and very accommodating Ghan House. I fell in love with the place. If you live near by or are planning an event in Carlingford, it’s absolutely fabulous. I would also like to thank the lovely Suzanne at Cocomoiselle for her delicious and stunning hen party cupcakes. The detail on them was beautiful and I would definitely recommend her for a stylish and sophisticated hen party or event.



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