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Top 10 Hen T-Shirt Slogan Ideas

Top 10 Hen T-Shirt Slogan Ideas

Hey Hens!

A lot of you have been asking for popular slogans to put on your Hen Party T-shirts. This week we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Hen T-shirt Slogan Ideas (plus a few extras!) and popped in links to some of our favourites to help make your Hen planning as easy as possible.

Whether you’re planning a Virtual Hen Party (thanks, COVID) or planning for a future Hen Party, Hen T-shirts are a fab way to help make you and your Hens feel connected.  Depending on your location and the time of year the Hen festivities are happening, why not get your slogan printed on a crop top or a sweatshirt? And, to make it personal you can put each of your Hen’s names on the front or back of their shirt (which is also really helpful if you have a group where not everyone knows each other). Use one of our crafty Hen Party Nickname Generators to help you assign nicknames to everyone in your group and use that on their shirt! The options are endless, we all know that the internet is a wonderful place where you can find pretty much anything your heart desires… so you can get as creative as you want with it! 

From cute, catchy slogans to themed slogans, we’ve got a bit of everything for you and something to suit every budget! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts so we can see how beauty you and your Hens look; we hope you find something you love!


(these can be used for the Bride and teamed up with a slogan of your choosing for the Hens!)

  • The Bride
  • I said Yes!
  • Bride to Be
  • Wife of the Party
  • Up Yours Corona I’m Still Getting Married

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  • The Future Mrs.
  • I’m Getting Married!
  • Stuck Inside But Still The Bride

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  • Engaged AF
  • Pop The Bubbly, I’m Getting a Hubby!
  • I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Getting Married!


  1. I Said Yes! (For The Bride)
    She Said Yes, We Said Party! (For The Hens)

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  1. Team Bride -
    This is a classic that will work for everyone in your group (guys, grans & girls included!)

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  1. Bride’s Tribe

Click Here for Bride’s Tribe T-Shirts

  1. The One Where I’m The Bride (For The Bride)
    I Do Crew Will Be There For You! (For The Hens)

This is a great option for all of you “Friends” lovers out there. Not only is it a sentimental slogan, fitting of a group of family and friends coming together for the Bride; but it would also fit in perfectly with a “Friends” themed Hen Party!

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  1. Last Fling Before The Ring!

Click Here for Last Fling Before The Ring T-Shirts

  1. Bride’s Drinking Team

Click Here for Bride’s Drinking Team T-Shirts

  1. From Muggle to Mrs. (For The Bride)

We Solemnly Swear That We Are Up to No Good (For The Hens)

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  1. He Asked… (For The Bride)
    She Said Yes! (For The Hens)

Click Here for He Asked // She Said Yes! T-Shirts

  1. The Wedding Is Coming (Game of Thrones Theme)

Click Here for The Wedding is Coming T-Shirts

  1. Bride’s Babes

Click Here for Bride’s Babes T-Shirts

EXTRAS (because you know we love you!)

  • Bride’s Crew (Nautical Theme Idea)

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  • Bride’s Entourage
  • Bride Vibes (For The Bride)

Hen Vibes (For The Hens)

  • This Witch is Getting Hitched (For The Bride)
    Witch’s Coven (or) Bride’s Witches (For The Hens)

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  • Sisters Before Misters

Click Here for Sisters Before Misters T-Shirts

  • Bride Squad // Hen squad

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