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Super Important Bridesmaid & Maid Of Honour Duties (UK)

Super Important Bridesmaid & Maid Of Honour Duties (UK)

Photo by Devon Divine

Although it’s lovely to be asked to be a bridesmaid for your friend, it is a big task and one not to take lightly!

From walking down the aisle in front of so many people, to helping to calm her nerves and plan her the best hen party ever - these are just a few things you need to think about when accepting the request to be bridesmaid or maid of honour. A chief bridesmaid or maid of honour is like being a personal assistant to the bride from the moment she asks you until the day after the wedding.

Here are some important bridesmaid duties that you should really carry out and keep your bride happy and play your bridal role as best as you can!

Let's dive in!

The Most Important Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour Duties

1. The Hen Do

One of the top duties a bridesmaid has is sorting out a hen party or a bachelorette for the bride to be. It can be stressful if you are planning it on your own, so it’s best to start planning as soon as possible. You need to consider who the bride will want at the hen firstly (talk to her for this). Once you have a list, you can start thinking of ideas of what you could all do for the hen do, here’s a list of 40 free games you could use.

You need to remember to sort transport and accommodation for everyone if you are planning to travel for the hen.

2. Shoes For Your Dress

Once your bridesmaid dress has been sorted for the big day, you need to sort out some shoes that you will wear for the celebrations. Sometimes, the bride may offer to pay for your shows, but this isn't always the case especially if she has already helped towards to cost of the bridesmaid dress! Make sure you ask the bride to be if there is any colour that she would prefer for you all to wear. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a brightly coloured pair if she is going to hate them. You can then hunt down some great shoes that you can wear on the day. Remember to choose a pair of shoes which will be comfortable for the day. The last thing you want is to stand around in uncomfortable shoes. It will feel like the longest day ever! Therefore, make sure you try on a few till you find a comfortable pair. If you’re strapped for cash, you can find some great deals online. That way, you get a good value pair of shoes which are still excellent quality!


3. A Special Present For The Newlyweds

It’s an honour being asked to play such an important role in your friend or family member’s big day. Therefore, you need to thank them by ensuring you get them a lovely card and present to celebrate their big day. Although there is no specific amount to spend on their wedding day, you should try and spend at least £50 on their gift.

4. Transport To The Bride’s Home

It’s so important that you are there for the bride for the first thing in the morning. She is bound to be stressed out so it’s important that you are there to help her relax. Therefore, make sure you arrange for someone to drop you off first thing in the morning if you aren't staying over with the bride the night before. You should book a taxi if necessary to take you to the bride’s home in the morning. OR if she asks you to stay the night before, you oblige and stay with her the night before the wedding!

5. Getting Ready Music!

This is one that mostly all brides forget about where the bridsmaid or maid of honour can step in.  The bride has a huge amount of music to prepare for the day of the wedding including the reception music, walking down the aisle, music for the evening and her first dance / father daughter songs!  It isn't a suprise that with all of that to prepare for, the bride might forget about preparing music for the morning of the wedding when she is getting ready.  This is such a special touch as some music for getting ready before the wedding can calm her nerves and make her feel relaxed.  With help from the bridal party, create a shared spotify playlist for the morning of the wedding.  Remember to add upbeat songs into the mix, as she will be feeling extremely emotional and you don't want her to cry off her fresh wedding makeup!

6. Makeup And Hair – Get It Sorted!

Don’t forget to sort out your makeup and hair for the big day. Although sometimes the bride pays for this, it shouldn’t be expected. Ask the bride what the overall look is going to be, and make sure you communicate this to the bridal party on the style you are going with.  If you don't have a makeup artist, it might be worth practicing some looks and sending over images to the bride to ask her what her thoughts are for the big day. 

7. Bonus Tip! Create A Bridal WhatsApp Group!

When the bride has chosen her party, it is a great idea to create a bridal whatsapp group to disucss all things about the wedding and the hen party.  You might want to create a private group if the hen party is to be a suprise - this is perfect for also organising gifts and items you might need for the wedding morning to ensure you don't all end up purchasing the same things.  

If you are Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid, make sure you use this group to delegate.  Everyone in the bridal party should have a role to play - whether that is helping to organise the games or the activities for the hen, or making the spotify playlist for the hen party and the wedding morning.  Everyone should help out!

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