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9 Unforgettable Naughty Hen Party Ideas

9 Unforgettable Naughty Hen Party Ideas

Photo Credit: Butler Bookings

Let’s face it, despite the level of class some ladies emanate, some secretly love having a bit of willy in their faces (yes we just said that!)…

So, with that in mind, we have rounded up some naughty hen party ideas and games for you to bring the a right dash of dirty to the hen do celebrations.

If you want to keep it classy, put the cameras away for these moments and keep it behind closed doors.

Here are our top ideas… (based on our own experiences!)

Our Best Naughty Hen Party Ideas

1. Butler in the buff

This is the obvious choice for your bride who wants her hen to have a proper sprinkle of hen. A little more stylish than a stripper, a butler in the buff will go around in his apron with tight bum cheeks, washboard abs and serve you up cocktails or dinner. It’s probably best to google an option depending on where the hen weekend is on. Our recommendation is Hunks in Trunks who also offer the Naked Chef Hen Party Experience.

2. Naughty Hen Party Games

One of the most popular hen party games is Mr & Mrs Questions. This is great for a lot of hens as you can tweak the questions to make them naughtier, depending on your audience.

Etsy is awash with dirty and naughty hen party games options. There are too many to pull out but things like naughty pictionary, dirty dictionary, naughty charades (looks particularly funny!), dirty Drink If and dirty minds are all worth a look at. Or the karma sutra hen party game is sure to be a funny addition!

With some of these, you can download these easily and print them off yourselves. Printable and hen party downloads won’t cost you much and are an easy way to add something different to the hen do fun. These are perfect for a hen party lull or after dinner when you’re trying to get the party going again on full stomachs.

If naughty games aren’t for you, check out our ultimate list of hen party games.

3. Dick Match

We can’t believe we just wrote those words down! Dick Match is like snap but you have to match a penis. They were going to call it Dick Snap but opted for match instead. Gurarateed laughs and could there be a more apt hen party game?!

4. Jizz, the game

So here you have a plastic willy which you fill with the tipple of your choice. You then push down on it (maybe a few times) and it spurts up when it’s ready. Whoever catches it in their mouth is the jizz master. Best to read the instructions and details on this one!

5. Eat a dick

Another title we can’t believe we just wrote! We actually love this one. Eat a dick is a chocolate penis, the perfect gift for the willy loving bride. However, it comes in the prettiest floral box. Nothing can prepare you for the face of your friend opening a mysterious floral box to find a giant chocolate willy and balls to feast on.

6. Evil Hot Gummy Bears

Oh this one isn’t really on the naughty list in the typical sense. However this is an idea if you want to prank the bride or other hen party guests (if they’re up for it!) or include this as a dare. Evil hot gummy bears are super spiced up gummy bears and not for the faint hearted. More details here. Firebox has lots more ideas for hen party games like a Love Island Game, a 90s quiz, an avocado smash game and many more random games you would never thing of.

7. Pin the junk on the hunk

Whether the hunk is the groom or Ryan Gosling, this fun hen party game will have all the girls squealing with delight at whatever hunk you decide to hang up naked. This simple game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and will be a game your guests will love and remember. Available to purchase or as a download. 

8. Naughty Hen Party Signs

Some simple, suggestive hen party signs will work well to bring out the naughty ladies in the group! For example, if you have some sweets put signs up like “suck it”, “bite it”, “lick it” or “blow it” for things like sweets, lollipops, marshmallow or bubblegum.

9. Willy Straws

The old hen party favourite! There are some ladies who won’t consider their hen a “hen” without some willy straws. These gold willy straws will keep your classy hen party theme going with the added naughty element. There are also black ones available. Check out willy confetti, gold willy cake toppers and penis chocolates for more fun but naughty hen party ideas.


Well that’s it, we hope this list will fuel your naughty hen party!

Now, over to you – what was your favourite naughty hen party idea?

Or perhaps you have a content suggestion or question you’d like to ask.

Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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