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5 Wedding Morning Gift Ideas For The Bride

5 Wedding Morning Gift Ideas For The Bride

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

By way of a brief introduction to myself and my background, I go by Aisling Rigney and hail from the Rebel County, Cork.

I stumbled upon a professionally run course in the UK and set off to Manchester for training from the experts with the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners). From there my own little wedding planning venture and blog was born.

Having planned my fair share of friend’s hen parties over the last 5 or 6 years (with many more to come I hope) and now a few weddings under my belt too, I am delighted to be on board with the fabulous website that is, to share some glamorous and classy hen party tips and ideas and maybe even some wedding planning love with you all.

Aisling, xoxo

Wedding Morning Gift Ideas

The Hen party was a massive success, well done Bridesmaids!! Now the wedding day is fast approaching and you’re looking for some last minute ways ways to make a fuss of the Bride on that all important morning of hair and makeup preps and laughs and recalling memories and maybe even a tear or two (hopefully happy ones ).

So to help you out on your way to becoming Bridesmaid(s) of the year we have compiled a list of little gift ideas you can put together to make the wedding morning that little bit extra special for your girl before she walks up the aisle to start her life as a wifey

We are fully aware that being Bridesmaid can often be a costly experience so we have kept these little gift ideas budget friendly with a few less budget conscious alternatives thrown in for good measure

1. Bridal Party Robes

Why not get a bunch of matching robes for the Bridal party to wear on the wedding morning while all the beauty preps are going on. These can be lovely keepsakes for all as well as make for fabulous photo ops on the morning with all the girls matching. Never a bad idea to check with MOB – Mother of the Bride – to see does she want one too!! Such a simple idea and can be done on a budget where necessary too. From experience the lovely waffle style robes can be bought in both Penneys and Dunnes ranging in price from €12 to €20 all year round and in a variety of colours. These robes work well for having names etc.  embroidered on the back also just to further personalise the gift. Where budget allows, another stunning wedding morning robe option is the floral robes from Good Morning Beautiful available in both long and short for £54 each (€78). Certainly a more pricey option but they are truly stunning. 


2. Music Playlist

A nice cheap and cheerful gift idea for the Bride-to Be is to compile a list songs on Spotify to play on the wedding morning. Maybe a compilation of wedding day type songs, e.g. Going to the Chapel – The Crystals or Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra is sure get everyone in the mood for the festivities? Or if your girl is more likely to be kept calm with a playlist of her favourite jams from that Summer spent on J1 in the States with 1 million happy and funny memories attached, then go for it! The options here are endless and as long as they are suited to the Bride’s tastes you are sure to get everyone in good spirits!!


3. Yankee Candle

Did you know that Yankee Candle have a candle made specifically for lighting on the big day? Originally enough (not quite ) it is called “Wedding Day” and having bought it for a good Bride friend of mine for her own wedding day I can tell you it smells lush and is a lovely ambient touch for the morning preps. Ranging in price from €1.80 to €19.95, the small jar is more than sufficient for the short few hours it’s needed for and is very affordable at €9.95.



4. Wedding Day Emergency/ Survival Kit

Your girl needs to look and feel her best all day long, and it is a long day. Therefore it’s a must to have an emergency kit to hand for her should any mishaps or beauty faux pas occur. The list for what makes up a good wedding day emergency/ survival kit is endless and to be honest I think it should always be specific to the Bride in question. Maybe she wants to have her fave lippy to hand for all those photo ops. Always useful to have a small sample bottle of the foundation and powder she has used for her Bridal makeup look to hand too for freshening up her look as the day progresses. Other useful items include (and are certainly not limited to) mints or gum, floss, sewing kit (surprisingly useful), safety pins, hair clips, paracetemol, bandaids, deodorant, hairspray, rescue remedy (tensions can run high ), nail file and maybe a tester bottle of her favourite perfume. Just to name a few  You will know best what bits and pieces your girl will need/ want but overall it’s a great way to show her that you’ve got her back no matter what happens throughout the day!

5. Honeymoon Gift Bag

No doubt your gal pal has her Honeymoon bags packed but take a last minute op to put together a few thoughtful bits for her first holiday as a Mrs. Hit Penneys up and grab a cute bikini and flip flops on the cheap. Throw in a nice high SPF face cream for keeping that healthy glow right through the trip. Print a group picture of her with all her best gals from that fabulous Hen Party you threw her, or better still, get the picture made into a bookmark for her to take poolside maybe? Just a cute little touch and the Bride-to-Be will be super appreciative for the little nick nacks.

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